I got this bike about 10 months ago off craigslist in orange county for $200. I wanted something cheap but with potential, after my brother started his company Elswick Cycles at the beginning of 08 I was itching to start my own project bike. So now I’m at the point you see in the pictures.
Frame: custom built by my brother and I at Elswick Cycles 35degree rake, hourglassed neck, 4″ stretched ass end, .250 wall d.o.m. tubing for the backbone/center post, all other tubing is .156 d.o.m.; basicly I wanted a bulletproof frame and that’s all that comes out of my brothers shop. The frame is 10 pounds lighter than factory also.
Tank: I got the tank while working for some of my clients in my hometown of Wrightwood, Ca.


There was a burned down house and all kinds of junk laying around. I just happened to spot the tank through all the other shit. It’s a british wassel tank, with a cheap fuel gauge Elswick Cycles oil tank cap, and raised tunnel.
Headlight: custom Elswick Cycles built by my brother and I (not for sale on his sight yet, but coming soon)
Seat pan: Hand rolled, drilled for leather pad, shock mounted to cushion my ass a little
Everything else is custom built, hope to have this done by Spring of 2010.


Thanks Jamie Elswick

xs650 mug
xs650 long sleeve
xs650 tanktop
xs650 Bandana