I bought my 1980 special from a mate who had the best intentions of building a bobber but time was not on his side so i bought the bike about a year ago and got to work. To start with i stripped it down and got rid of the usual junk and got to cutting back the rear end to pieces, once that was done i fabricated the new seat rail (flat bar bent to the shape of the seat pan) and sub frame.


I mounted the sportster tank with new mounts and gave the engine a bit of a touch up so all i have left to go is to mount headlight, blinkers, forward controls(on order from TC bros choppers) and the rear gaurd.



I`m using a set of moto x bars just for now but am actually growing to like the way they look. once its all back together and ready to go i will tidy up the wires cables etc, oh and i am going with a battery eliminator just to keep it light and have less wires.


This is my first crack at a build so far so comments please let me know what you think.

Matty bob