After my first XS650, “Norma Jean” I decided to deviate from the standard hardtail, fake oil-tank look and go with something that was simple and clean while still keeping the rear shocks.
The result was this… A ’78 XS Special dubbed “The Bandit”. The rear frame was reconfigured downward and forward. The stock shock mounts were cut down and moved forward allowing the use of Rebel shocks to lower the rest of the back-end. Most everything else was kept stock. The motor was rebuilt and, with a set of custom built straight pipes, sounded really mean!
I’ve since started my own shop here in FL. building retro styled custom bikes, specializing mainly in Yamaha XS models. Please check my website for bikes I’m building and bikes for sale. “The Bandit” sold to Austin Texas a few months ago and I’m sure, is tearing up the streets there!

Currently, I’m nearing completion of a drop-seat custom hardtail 650, that should be done by end of Sept. Keep an eye out for it on my site and here!

~Jason Lajkov
-Vintage Customs-