The goal was retro style war-time bomber/bobber

I purchased this bike as a partially completed hardtail project about two years ago. The motor was in poor shape. It barely ran, smoked really bad and overall was in really rough shape. The hardtail had been welded in place and the seat and tank were new items that came with the bike. The goal was retro style war-time bomber/bobber that resembled a vintage Harley or Triumph.


This was the first bike I had ever built, so starting out with a partially completed project was a comfortable starting point. Everything was stripped. The motor was rebuilt using an ’81 top end with new rings and the works.


All of the electronics have been replaced with new parts. Many new parts went into this bike to make it a well functioning and easy riding bike and for two plus years I’ve been riding it and loving it every time.


With the success of this bike, I’ve gone on to build a few other 650’s and other bikes. Each one gets a little more complex and and bit more involved. This bike will be at a few shows during Daytona BikeWeek 2010 and will be for sale.


Jason Lajkov

xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
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