morgan-82chopWell, I’ve submitted my bike a few times before in different states, but here it is in it’s most recent form.  Started off as a stock ’82, and was initially chopped up in 2011.  Since then I’ve torn it apart and rebuilt it several times, this being the fourth.

I had been waiting to try to build my “perfect” bike, after seeing so many amazing show bikes built here in Minneapolis for me to compare it to, but I eventually succumbed to the fact that I don’t even like perfect bikes.


So I stripped it down to the frame and rewelded some of my questionable welds from years earlier.  As well I mounted new front tank mount, rear brake mounts and brake switch mount.  All of my welding was done with a 120v mig, so I didn’t have picture perfect TIG welds to leave exposed.  I left most, but buttered over some of the ugly ones and smoothed out some transitional areas.  I cut out the gussets but left the headache bar so the engine wouldn’t completely shake out.


The engine I left as is because it hasn’t failed me yet…knock on wood.  The carbs I rebuilt with new jets, gaskets, etc last year.  The sissy bar, peg/brake mounts, battery box, handlebars and pipes I built myself.  I buffed the raw metal to a satiny finish and left it.  Oh well.


The front end is a 6-8″ over that came off of a survivor Honda chopper and was gifted to me by a co-worker.  Front wheel came from that same bike, rear wheel is the stock XS wheel.


The Paint was done by my friend Tim Peterson in Denver in 2012.

The seat was a cheap West Eagle seat that I stripped the top off and recovered with tooled leather (my company is called Sweet Tooth Leather if you want me to do yours too, haha)



I guess that’s about it.  This was my first bike and the only one I’ll for sure hold onto forever.  It’s fast and zippy, and like any narrow chopper with no front brake, pretty difficult to maneuver.  Wouldn’t have it any other way, I guess.

To check out some progress pics or see my leatherwork check out @sweet_tooth_co on Instagram or

Thanks for posting! was my main inspiration for getting into choppers in the first place!

Submitted by Morgan

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