This is a 650 a body and I built over a couple of winters. We tried to make everything extreme.
The handlebars were 42” wide foot clutch hand shifter. The running boards rotated to work the brae and clutch.


The bike was extended 6 “in the rear and raked a few degrees I found some 3” over forks on eBay. We rebuilt the motor, brakes and all news seals and Barings. We made everything we could. The air cleaner electrical tank and lower fender were all made out of aluminum. We finally finished the bike.


I road it 5 miles and my buddy rode it about the same. We were done with it. Then one of my other buddies volunteered to ride it. He rode it about a thousand miles that summer. The bike was plagued with electrical problems and that foot clutch was a challenge.

The next winter we took it apart and repainted, rewired and calmed down the over kill.
The guy that is riding it had a lot of good ideas to make it more normal looking. It needed to lose the Ronald McDonald look. So now it orange with normal handle bars, foot shifter, hand clutch, a nice bicycle shock on the seat, foot pegs and a lot of other improvements. The bike now has another thousand miles after last summer. Most of the bugs are out of it and it has become a reliable ride. I road it another 5 miles that was enough. The guy riding it still loves it.