Always been into bikes – the old man’s always ridden and I got my license when old enough. He’s built a pretty sweet cb750 hardtail and I wanted a chop, so one day he comes home with a frame and pretty soon the engine too from a guy at work.

I had the front end lying around which was gonna go into my zephyr fighter, but sold the bike and was running this 7r fighter. Pretty sweet but essentially jail on 2 wheels. Had a back end for the zephyr too, so robbed that out.


I like that it’s different to a lot you see. Pretty chunky too. Back wheel was too wide for the frame, so it went to a mate to have a new back end in, which is shorter and fatter tube – much better. Nicked some metal from a harley custom shop in southy and had it crafted into the guard.

Robbed the forwards too. I don’t really like forwards but with mids its gonna be too cramped, and with the 7r going to pay some credit card bills off i need a mile muncher. the tanks had new mounts as it didn’t come with any and went for sissor springs to get a better angle on the seat.


I obtained an oil tank to chop the ends off and turn it into a wiring hiding battery box to keep it neat and now wires over the place. The guy who had the lathe couldn’t get it straight so built me a custom one from scratch – cheers man. Done the pipes from some bends we had. had to keep em high due to the forwards and i liked the symmetry on em. not too sure on them being on the wrong side of the kicker and after seeing limpe ivens in bsh and on here shotguns might be the way forward.

Doesn’t need much to finish it now but just chilling over winter so can’t be arsed to even look at it, maybe soon. Got my number plate and a bracket template, so might have some enthusiasm soon.