Tables – A while back I felt the urge to build a Bobber, being a Harley rider I was going that way but then I found this site and my mind was set….an XS650 it would be. Here in Australia these things still pull a few bucks so I looked for a basket case but all I could find were over priced rust buckets. Then I came across what would be the basis for my project, the lime green survivor chopper that I went on to name Shrek. Ok so it wasn’t a Bobber but what the hey, all I wanted was something to amuse myself for a while anyway, so a raked, stretched and raped handmade hardtail it would be. Here in Oz it is impossible to get this Old School stuff re-registered these days so luck was on my side that this beast had been registered constantly since the day it was built. So with 7 days rego left I got the bike home, cleaned the tea leaves from the carbs, re fitted the chain, scared the gremlins out of the electrics and promptly rode Shrek to the rego in spection station. Once another year was paid for I promptly rode the beast home and stripped her down. My intention has always been to modify every single piece of her in some way and so far I have done just that. Here is my story….