Little Miss. Bitch 048

Meet ‘Little Miss. Bitch’, my 1977 xs that we found in my favorite junk yard here in S.A. I was told she sat in that weed chocked lot for 18 years, I said I could bring it back to life. I spent lots of late nights out there tearing it down. We sent the frame out to TC Bro. to have the hardtail put on.

While we waited we went back out to the junk yard and scrounged around for a tank. We scored a sweet little wassel that is frisco mounted, but the angle didn’t allow for much fuel.I lucked up and made a deal with my chopper guru Dirty D in Co. In exchange for a king/queen seat we had laying around he moved the bung for me and found a way cool brass cap from an old mac.   He has been a huge help and a good friend too! stay tuned, the saga of the Bitch goes on.

Little Miss. Bitch 061

I am an ex truck driver, so the fact that this cap was found on an old Mac truck just thrills me. It polished up real nice. Dirty D has continued to be a huge help to me, sending parts and advice. I couldn’t do this without ‘big brothers’ like him. I love your site, and look forward to seeing my ‘bitch’ there.

Thanks, Benny