Curt – I bought the bike stock  1983 XS 650 in Nanaimo BC Canada for a few hundred bucks and trucked it home that night. I took it for a burn and realized something had to be done to change this things feel! My good friend Kane McAfffer at Villain Kustoms and I started cutting away at the electronics and wires as well as every other part on the bike.


Next,  another friend Einar put in the work grinding and cutting the frame in half and so began the fabrication of the hard-tail which was completely designed and fabricated by Kane and Einar ( no BS buy and weld kit ). I then purchased the necessary pieces from different places around North America to achieve the look we had figured looked coolest to us. We kept the stock wheels and forks, chopped down some old Triumph handle bars, painted the engine and Satin Blacked the crap out of the bike. A Biltwell seat and Sporty tank were also put on as well as a bobbed fender.


We used an old fire extinguisher for the fake oil tank/electronics stash. I hand painted its name on the rear fender before riding to Sechelt for Disasterdaze which turned out to be the bikes first long(er) distance ride. It is my first motorcycle and I am swollen with pride to own an ride it! A million thanks for all the work Kane from Villain Kustoms put into the sickle!! My dream became reality!