Tables – As promised here is an update of the rebuild of Shrek. To recap – Originally I wanted to build a Bobber but as things panned out I ended up buying a ‘survivor’ chopper, so that is what I worked with. I didn’t want to cut the frame so I had to revise my plans and work with the stretch, rake and long forks that came with Shrek when I bought it. Today I have been laying down a bit moe 2 pak Jet Black over a few bits and pieces. I am not far from being finished now, I need to paint the tins, make up my front brake line and start on the final assembly as everything is just loosely in place at the moment.

My goal was to build a bike in my garage and I am happy to say that is exactly what I have done. I have stripped down and rebuild or modified every nut, bolt and washer on this bike (except the motor with may get a turn sometime later) myself in my garage or borrowing space and tools from my good mate Gary. I have spent many long nights and days, welding, grinding, filing, sand and so on, ever starting a few unplanned fires, but that’s a story to tell over a few beers. I do have to give credit to Gary for doing a bit of welding on my rear guard for me yesterday though.


Over the years I have owned plenty of bikes but this is my first build, so stuff takes time. I spend just as much time sitting and looking at my bike, waiting for ideas to come along, as I do working on it. I am my own worst critic so when I finish something I am usually not completely happy with it, but I have learnt to live with what I build and acknowledge my own limitations. What I do know is that every fault, scratch or blemish has a story, so I guess I will need to buy more beer. I am going to write on my bike somewhere “if it looks like I built this in my garage….I succeeded!” It is amazing what a conversation starter this bike has become, people walking past my house stop and have a look at what I am doing and they all love the freedom a project like this implies. It is a liberating feeling to pick up and angle grinder and cut some unneeded piece of weight of you bike just because you didn’t like it. We have all heard the old “if I have to explain, you probably wouldn’t understand anyway” and now I truly get that. When I first got Shrek I went to a scrap metal yard and picked up a heap of bits and pieces, these have now been turned into highway pegs, brake parts, guard mounts etc.

I wanted a headlight with some character so have retro fitted a late model speedo and halogen bulb into an old Jawa shell….more work in that than the rest of the bike. I have mounted lots of things with wing nuts, with the intention of swapping tanks, guards, bars and sissy bar etc quickly for a different look when I feel the need. I want the motor and the gas tank to POP so I have painted almost everything else Jet Black, with a bit of polished or chromed detail, but just a bit. I hope to achieve a bit of a 70’s look when I am done and have tried to add a few old touches like the fork gators, chrome front guard (part XS and part CB250) and a jockey shift, with a hand clutch (which has the shortest clutch cable ever , thanks Jay). I also painted my rims and hubs black and re-laced them with stainless spokes.
I am going to mount the brake light and plate on the sissy bar and I am adding a P pad to the rear guard also. I have made up a new wiring loom, put in an XS Charge PMA (which was sooo easy to fit, highly recommend). Here in Australia we have stupid laws that require flashers, guards, front brakes, mirrors and rubbish like that (although they are for safety I admit), so while the bike isn’t as minimalist as I would like it is as bare as I could manage.

My rear guard is a full bodied wrap around type and will probably get the black treatment asweel, however my tank will be base coated  bluey/ silver and  fish scales painted on the side panels. (I am doing an airbrushing course in a couple of weeks so we will see how that goes I guess). Like all good XSs’ the starter was dead so I got rid of it and blanked the hole, so I  stole the pedal off my eldest sons’  BMX for my kicker, he was a bit pissed but he’ll get over it in time. I wanted to use 1” bars, so I machined up so risers to hold them and modified the master cylinder to fit aswell, I used a Harley throttle cable in combination with the original XS cable, easy peasey Japanesey. When she is all done and painted, which will hopefully be very soon I will send in the finshed pics. I love this site and hope you enjoy my bike, your feedback is valued.
Stay cool and keep one wheel on the tarmac at all times.