Steve – After doing some research and gaining some valuable advice from friends and those in the know, it was decided that an XS650 was the stead of choice for my bobber build. One of my mates was looking to move out of town and happened to have a 1975 donor bike looking for a new home.

I picked up the bike minus seat and tank in March 2011, and began stripping it down right away.

With this not only being my first bike and build, I also set myself the challenge of doing the bulk of the work within the living room of a second story apartment using basic tools. Luckily I’ve established a good relationship with some extremely helpful Australian XS650 Club members that have helped out with important aspects such as the chassis welding.

The elements for my build include a TC Bros hard tail/drag bars, a Vintage Auto World repro BSA Bantam gas tank with custom mods, Dunstall inspired mufflers, Firestone vintage tyres, leather tool bag for personals and a copper milk urn for the battery/relays/ignition.

Overall my goal is to create a unique bike with an authentic vintage feel.

Hopefully she’ll be ready in the first half of 2012. I’ll certainly update you all when “Thor’s Hammer” is completed. Please feel free to check out my journey upon my build log

Cheers – Steve