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from special to classic

Bought the bike as a somewhat customized Special. It’s a 1980 model. Couldn’t decide on street tracker och classic, but went for the latter. (more…)


Dutch Street Tracker

This is an update of this topic: Street Tracker, Work in Progress. (more…)

Yamaha XS650 turned Kenny Roberts flat tracker

Yamaha’s XS650 is one of the all time favorites to convert into replica flat trackers. This bike, spotted at the local VME club meet was nicely done. Punched out to
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Street Tracker, Work in Progress

I used an old 72’er engine and a ’82 frame. Together they stood for 8 years in the back of my garage, slowly rusting away… (more…)


Streettracker for sale

Regretably, I have to sell my 650. Changing jobs and need to be able to pay for COBRA benefits for the family. Ground up rebuild, new frame and wheel bearings
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The Wronka Toy

Built this bike 13 years ago after a major health problem. 1978 Yamaha XS 650 now 750CC with big bore kit,36 MM Mic’s Jemco exhaust , Omar’s tank and seat.
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