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Quinn – I bought three non running basket case xs650’s for $1050 ( a 72, 74 and 79). I had owned and ridden bikes for years but never did any of the the work myself – these bikes changed all of that. The 74′ motor was shot but the 79 still kicked over. The problem was the 79 had a lot of back fees with the CA DMV. So I used the 74 frame and the transplanted the 79 motor. I bought the seat pan and the tank  (“750 Champion”) from Omars along with the rear hub assembly which allowed me to run the 19” wheel out back to match the front – both on Avon Roadriders. 

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I liked the look for the mags and for around $75 on ebay you really can’t go wrong.  Satin powder coat for the wheels and a lot of trim including the foot controls and gloss black on the frame.  I went with a PMA and Pamco setup, and completely rewired the bike from scratch (thanks to the guys who have posted simple wiring diagrams on the net).  Stock springs up from and progressives out back.

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IMG_9751 2014

I road the bike for a while without getting into the motor but when it started to go south I took it to Gary Swan at Toad Town Racing (This guy has been racing and building Flat Trackers and race bikes for years!).  Not only does this bike now run amazing but he did it in a timely manner – thanks Gary!

IMG_9742 2014

Being my first build I can definitely say that it was a test of my fortitude and ability, but in the end well worth it!  I absolutely love riding this bike, and can’t wait to get started on the 72 that’s in the corner of the garage…

Los Angeles, CA