Adam – This is a 83 XS I found on eBay. I wanted a Street Tracker with a 2-up seat. I stripped the bike down. Swapped gas tanks from a earlier XS from friends at Hellbilly Cycles, who also rebuilt my frontend using Hughs Handbuilt XS frontend lowering kit, tuned the Mikunis and added some Vee Rubbers.

I made the tail, seat, battery mount welded to swingarm, widened the handlebars from a CB750, headlight mount, electrics cover,rear peg mounts and brake mounts, pinstriping and rewired to a bare bones setup. I picked up some Choppers Inc risers and pegs that I sent to my friend Steve Knecht to machine to fit. I recently mounted a customized sparto tailight (not pictured) to the rear tail.

It is a fun bike to ride, its real quick, and handles great. Great bike a little $$$ and a lot of time invested. I took it on a few 500 mile trips over the summer with a big ass grin!

Adam Croft

xs650 Bandana
xs650 mug
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve