What’s a drive-thru?

More and more restaurants are adding drive thrus to make it convenient for customers. Especially after the pandemic, some people don’t want to have to go into the store. But what happens if you have a motorcycle? Can you still use your motorcycle? The answer is Yes in most cases.

A motorcycle is just another locomotive, and therefore it can pass through the drive-thru and be accorded services just like those using vehicles. Just make sure when you are on your bike, that you have your case ready or have your card in hand, to avoid the inconvenience that may result from traffic congestion.

Can they serve you if you go through the drive-through with a motorcycle?

Most motorcycles do not trigger a sensor that has been embedded in the drive-through. Here is the trick if you one to be noticed, drive slowly and make sure you trigger the sensor. They are usually in the dark lines on the ride through. Sensors are a large loop of wires underneath the road in the saw cuts and can sense heavy movement then cause a change in the magnetic field. So, if a motorist rides at the end of the road, they won’t be noticed. However, if you are getting late for that motorcycle trip, grab some takeaways in a shop to fill your belly.

Is it advisable to take a passenger to the drive-thru on a motorbike?

This will make ordering the food easier as one will be riding, especially if you have high handlebars. And this will reduce the traffic jam in the drive-thru. The passenger will have free hands to make payments and hold food, aiding the rider. The only worries here are getting back home with nothing left to eat.

Can you get through a drive-thru with a horse?

A fantastic moment was featured in McDonald’s when a man riding a horse ordered food there. Instead of being served, a staff member came to him and called him to move with his horse as they were serving only people with cars. The drive-through belongs only to those with vehicles.

Why some drive-thrus do not allow the use of motorcycles

Most of the drive-throughs are designed for vehicles just because of some reason. Safety being the main aim of most of the drive-thru facilities, they don’t allow riders because their visibility in corners is limited and can be knocked down. During the Covid 19 pandemic, checking sites were put in place for only those with cars, leaving those with motorcycles and bikers aside. This gives an insinuation that drive-through businesses are only in favor of those with cars.

However, Washington carried a senate meeting whereby the issue was discussed. And they agreed that those with motorcycles and bikers should also be allowed to enjoy the services offered at a drive-through business. Bill 903, passed in the senate of Washington, states that any drive-through business, whether public or private firm, should allow everyone to access the services even if they are motorists, cyclers, or even pedestrians. And if for the case of traffic flow, other means like creating an extra lane for pedestrians or motorists should be considered.

Senator billing, the one who initiated the motion, said that the initiative was fueled by the fact that Pedestrians and motorists were turned down in the covid 19 testing sites in favor of the ones with vehicles. According to billing, being the motorcycles commuters, it was almost futile for them to access services. He further explained other errands like banks which favored occupants of vehicles; this has raised a lot of concern from the familiar person.

The bill was passed for the common good of the more significant state. Aana zivarts also supported the bill. Since being the director of the disability locomotive initiative, she requested that the disabled be considered and not only motorists and the vehicle occupants but also should meet the universal requirements. Factors of language also should be considered as per her arguments. She testified of being turned down in one of the drives through business. And thus, her strong urge for the people in the wheelchair to be considered.

On the contrary, Mark Johnson was the only person who rejected the bill. Being a member of the retail association, he could have had his reasons for rejecting the bill. One of them is that business owners should not be directed on how they should do their business. He also described that drive-thru lanes for pedestrians would expose them to danger as it was unsafe.

He requested for the bill not to pass. In Portland, a law was passed in 2008 that allowed people to access the drive-through even if they had no vehicles; up to date, there are no complaints from a motorist or, instead, pedestrians not accessing the services. If the bill passed in Washington was agreed upon, it could have been like Portland and the first to be granted access in the state.

Covid 19 drive-thru testing units that were enacted in wales.

Wales’ was warned about the increasing number of Covid 19 patients after more people had succumbed to covid 19. This further called for the enactment of drive-through, which favored those with vehicles and motorists. The UK, by then, had an approximate 164 cases, and testing is in the north wakes aimed at curbing the spread of the virus. The testing site at Rosset tested patients without necessarily leaving their cars. A woman aged 70 years old was the first to succumb to covid 19 in the US.

This led to more measures to curb the spread being put in place. Another man came in who died due to covid 19 but had underlying health conditions. In Wales, the first case was confirmed in Swansea. The testing site drive-through was a good idea in that people could not get out of their cars while they were being tested, which could also help prevent the spread. People were encouraged not to fear.


Riding a motorcycle through a drive-through is allowed in some places and denied. For instance, motorcycles are not prohibited access if the drive-through is to some banks. However, in most restaurants, only vehicle occupants are allowed. However, chunk food is not suitable for one’s health. Enjoy riding your motorcycle and exploring the world. Before you can access a drive thru, you should first be aware if it is not prohibited. This can lead to your arrest. you should always keep this in mind. To more fun trips!