Since the 60s, Motorcycles inbuilt with high handlebars have and are still in existence. This has lured the riders and their producers into opting for the high handlebars. Although not in large numbers as it was in the past. Contrary to the past, motorcycles without high handlebars are the most common. This article is purposed to reveal why some motorcycles still have high handlebars and why some riders prefer them.

Why Do Some Motorcycles Have High Handlebars?

In the invention of motorcycles with high handlebars in the 60s, they were featured in several films, contributing to their familiarization with people. This shows that motorcycles with high handlebars have not been recently produced. The present certified motorcycles are created according to the driver’s tallness, arm, and the length of their legs. These motorcycles are comfortable to ride by some, while others go ahead to customize theirs to their liking. Others persevere with the structure of such motorcycles. For instance, if a tall person gets a bike that does not match their measurements, it will hurt their back since they have to bend to reach the handlers. Thankfully, there is an option for the riders to audit some quick fixes. They have already been established in the motorcycle industry. One of them is that they can modify their handlers to be a high handlebar to fit their stance for such a person.

What Are the Measurements of A Certified Motorcycle?

There is a difference between a customized motorcycle and a legally produced one. A certified one lacks complete flat handlebars, and the length from their base ranges between 1.5- 9 inches. Their broadness averagely ranges between 24- 30-inches. Therefore, any measurement surpassing this is commonly termed a high handlebar. Depending on a nation’s layout and look, they can be named ape bars or hangers.

Are There Restrictions of Customizing a Motorcycle to Having High Handlebars?

In some states, a motorcycle with high handlebars that surpass six inches of the driver’s shoulders when they are sitting is not allowed. This has been implemented for the sake of the rider’s safety. It is upon you to know the laws of your country before installing any high handlebar on your motorcycle.

What Are the Health Effects Caused By Having High Handlebars?

Scientific research has confirmed that having too high handlebars could affect a rider’s blood circulation. One’s blood is emptied from their hands and arms, resulting in numbness which is not suitable for your health. If you have too raised handlebars, consider not using them on long-distance rides or often.

 Are There Readily Made Motorcycles with Raised Handlebars Without You Customizing Them?

Motorcycles with intense high handlebars have once in a while been seen at exhibitions, whether purposefully or not. Additionally, ones that are available for sale come on cruiser-style motorcycles. The Cruiser motorcycle is constructed so that its rider will keep a straight poise as they ride it. Their neck does not bend since it has maintained a straight position, thus concentrating on their vision. You will find such motorcycles from companies such as Harley-Davidson. This brand has variations of the OEM ape, among others.

What to Think About Before Buying a Motorcycle with a High Handlebar?

I bet you would not look at a motorcycle with a high handlebar and purchase it because you think it is comfortable. You ought to put into aspect a few essential considerations:


Having a high handlebar motorcycle is not recommended for short people. It will be hard to reach the raised handlebars forcing you to have to outstretch your arms.

Check Your Seating Position on the Motorcycle

To have a surety that you will not tire from riding and handling the motorcycle, make sure that your back and neck are straight up when you sit.

The Structure of the Motorcycle

The way the bike is designed will determine your stance, use of the handlebars, seating position, and safety while riding. Having the raised handlebars helps in coziness by changing the stability of your weight.

The Size of the Bike

Motorcycles vary in size, and the larger and heavier it is, the more difficult it becomes to propel the high handlebars, especially for short people. They will not be able to make turns or ride along as required. It will also affect their seating positions and not achieve comfortability as they ride.

In addition, it is suggested that you could perhaps try riding one high handlebar before purchasing one. You will be assured that buying it or not depends on how you feel when controlling it.

Pros and Cons of Motorcycles with High Handlebars

There are advantages and disadvantages to riding on a motorcycle with raised handlebars. I will list some of these down below:


·You are assured of e coziness while riding the bike

·There is no staining on your wrist

·You will have fun since you can access the handlebars pretty easily

·Your shoulders and arms are at ease as you ride

·You will have improved clarity on the vehicles behind you through the mirrors.

·You will not struggle to lean to the front to access the handlebars

·Your chest will be raised hence a good sitting poise


·Motorcycles with high handlebars are prohibited in some countries

·It is difficult to discern the wind obstruction when you speed the bike

·If the handlebars surpass the length of your shoulders, you risk your arms and wrists to insensitivity

·The high raised handlebars are liable to maximizing the vibration, most especially in handle grips

Are You Limited to Owning a High-Rise Handlebar Bike?

You are not limited to trying a motorcycle with high handlebars even though you are comfortable riding on the other legalized motorcycles. The idea of owning one of these is open to everyone who wants to experience extra comfortable riding. If you meet all that is needed to own one, pay a visit to a company that sells it. You can also look for an expert who can change your handlebars.

Are There Any Skills Needed to Install Handlebars for Customization?

It is not hard to change the handlebar, but you will need some skills to mend the hardware that comes with it appropriately. This hardware includes brake and throttle cables and gear hoses. Custom jobs carried for the handlebars, cables, and hoses. It is expensive and time-consuming to change to the high handlebars.

Are There Limitations as To How High Handlebars Should Be?

The highest height of a handlebar should range between 5- and 20 inches. It depends on the laws of the country you are in. The riser’s measurement starts from 1.2 inches and beyond. However, consider installing a 3-inch and above riser with the needed high handlebar if you want outstanding results. This initiates from a correct height measurement.

What Are the Tallest High Handlers?

The tallest of many high handlers is known as the Ape Hangers. It was given this name because, at times, the rider is forced to reach these handlers, and they grasp them like an ape. The ape hangers can have a height of up to 24 inches, whereas the most available size is 12 to 16 inches. Ape hangers do not care about your sitting position, coziness, or how you steer the motorcycle. These handlers lie more on the side of the styling design they possess. In the world, the cruiser motorcycles are primarily created using this type of handler- Ape hangers. High handlers- Mini Apes and Baby Apes are the shorter versions of the Ape Hangers.

Baby apes also have their type, which is a bit short raised, and it is known as the Buckhorn, which differs from the other variations over where you place the hands as you ride. These handlers look like buckhorns, and they are a slight duck to them which inclines towards the rider.

What to Avoid When on a High Handlebar Motorcycle?

Avoid riding a high handlebar motorcycle in which you will have to strain to reach the handlebars. Your arms and neck should always be straight. If you do not avoid these, you are susceptible to having health issues or even causing an accident. Also, avoid riding it if you are short since it will be hard for you to reach the handlebars, hence unable to steer the bike.

Other Related Questions

You will notice the motorcycle handlebars jolt; what could be the problem?

Some of the reasons the handlebars of a motorcycle could shake are: perhaps you have a flat tire, you are riding at high speed, your wheels do not align, and whoever or whatever you are carrying is not in balance, among other reasons. It is good to note that when you see the handlebars shake, you should be able to troubleshoot what the problem might be for your safety.


In conclusion, I hope this article has enlightened you on why high handlebar motorcycles still exist. Also, you should aim to put into effect what is advised in writing concerning the considerations you should take before purchasing or riding a high handlebar motorcycle.