Motorcycles are regarded as fast and extremely quick compared to many automobiles in various cases. Due to their incredible power and lightweight, motorcycles are assumed to be fast. The power-to-weight ratio is great and also excellent traction. This may apply to a certain degree, not consistently accurate. Many people may love riding motorcycles due to their idle and accelerate smoothly. Let’s discuss essential factors to learn about and follow up until the end of this article.

Why do riders go so fast?

You need first to understand why riders opt to accelerate so quickly. If you are one, you know what I mean. The acceleration is so smooth, at times better than cars. The reasons behind this are: First, weight to power ratio is excellent, and secondly, the traction force is tremendous. Are you familiar with the terms? If not, follow up for more details.

The ratio of power to weight

The rate of motorcycle acceleration is mainly influenced by the weight-to-power ratio (PWR). The more the PWR, the faster the acceleration of the motorcycle. This applies to any automobile. Horsepower depends on the type of motorcycle one is using. The power to weight ratio is equal to horsepower. It can be calculated using the following formula;

weight to power ratio = horsepower (hp) pounds (lbs)

weight to power ratio = watts (W) / kilograms (kg)

The average weight of motorbikes and average power of motorbikes differ significantly with the type of motorcycle. For example, a bike weighs 450lbs with an engine of 100hp. We divide the power (100) by weight (450) to get the power-weight ratio. This gives us PWR as 0.222. Now, using an example of one of the fastest automobiles, the Bugatti Veyron with a PWR of 0.284, and that of one of the fastest motorbikes MV Agusta F4 R 312 with a PWR of 0.432. we know that the higher PWR, the higher the acceleration rates. Therefore motorcycles generally have a higher average PWR than cars, accelerating faster at lower speeds.

Traction Force

Traction force produces motion between a body and a tangential surface by use of dry friction. An increase in traction force increases the acceleration rate. As a result, traction is essential in combining all the energy and changing it into motion. The traction force is therefore used in some automobiles to prevent traction loss and tire slip. Motorcycles often have more traction compared to cars. Various elements determine traction, that is, the mass placed on the driving wheel. Motorcycles have a more excellent proportional driver to weight disseminated by motorbikes compared to FWD and RWD vehicles. The weight of the whole bike moves to the back wheel. Also, FWD automobiles have lower traction; on the other hand, RWD automobiles have more robust traction and, therefore, faster acceleration.

Comparison Between Cars And Motorcycles

Motorcycles are faster than cars because they have higher torque and have lightweight frames. Motorcycles are used to get away from traffic; they are made to do so. Cars have heavy chassis, engines, exhausts, and other components. Due to their heavyweight, cars are slower than motorcycles. Some motorcycles that tend to be faster than cars may include;

�� Yamaha MT-07/F-07. Has a top speed of around 214 kph or 133 mph.

�� Kawasaki Ninja H2R has a top speed of around 386 kph or 240 mph.

�� Volkswagen Jetta/Bora, which only reaches around 204 kph or 127 mph.

�� BUGATTI Chiron SuperSport has a top speed of 490 kph or 305 mph.

There is also a lovely phenomenon that one experiences riding a motorcycle compared to driving a car at the same speed. One feels that the bike moves at a higher speed because one exposes all elements. One can feel road irregularities, moving air, wind noise, and engine noise, and one also sees road passing beneath feet while when one is driving, one feels they are slower, safer, and not all parts are exposed.

Why Motorcycles Accelerates Faster Car

Motorcycles are faster than cars due to various reasons. Let’s look at some of the reasons without further ado; this will give a clear understanding of the same.

a. They are fitted with higher speeds engine

b. Motorcycles have a lower wind resistance

c. Motorcycles tires are designed to have a low rolling resistance

d. low drag coefficient in their designs

The above stated are the significant reasons why motorbikes are faster than cars. We know that cars engine is more powerful than motorcycles. Motorcycles have higher accelerating engines. We discussed some motorcycles that are faster than cars. Let’s remind ourselves of such motorcycles; they include; Suzuki Hayabusa, Kawasaki Ninja H2R, MV Agusta F4, and Ducati 1199 Panigale R. Remember that some cars move faster than motorcycles. Some faster vehicles than motorcycles may include; Bugatti Veyron, Mc Laren F1, Hennessey Venom GT, Bugatti Chiron SuperSport 300, not forgetting SSC Ultimate Aero TT.

Speed Of A Motorcycle

Motorcycles moves with average top speeds between 31mph or 50 kph and 240 mph or 380 km per hour, depending on the intended application and category. Sport bikes can reach over 200 miles per hour, while us Mopeds attain maximum speed of 60 mph. Middle bikes like; touring, cruiser, and dirt bikes have a top speed of 150 miles per hour. The force experienced by the motorcycle determines its maximum speed as its travels. There are three resistances that motorcycles must overcome: friction, aerodynamic drag, and rolling resistance. For a bike to move faster and increase speed levels, it must generate more power than its lightweight. Generally, motorcycles have a horsepower range of 15 to 200; you should also note that there are motorcycles with a horsepower of more than 300. High acceleration rates do not result in higher top speeds. Top speed and acceleration are very different. Top speed depends on how the motorcycle overcomes resistive forces in its movements. As the speed increases, the drag force increases, increasing power demands. This favors a more powerful bike.

Fastest motorcycles

Some of the fastest motorcycles in the world are listed below. Riders may consider buying one of these when interested. They include;

• Kawasaki Ninja H2R

• Suzuki Hayabusa

• MV Agusta F4, Aprilia RSV100R

• Ducati 1199 Panigale R

• MTT420 RR

• Damon Motorcycles Hypersport Premier

• Ducati Superbike

• Lightning LS-218

Most of these bikes have the best riding experiences and luxurious sports motorcycles. Their prices are a bit lower compared to that of luxury automobiles.

Faster Motorcycle or Car?

Motorcycles are less expensive than cars as a mode of transportation. One needs to choose to buy either a car or a bike depending on their need on the same, also depending on what one enjoys riding. One who has a tight budget may consider getting a nice bike and tour quickly to their desired destination. On the other hand, one should opt for the fast car if they need to donate something fast and pleasant. Fast motorcycles such as the Ducati Panigale V4 go at around $ 28, 395 and have a top speed similar to that of the Ferrari 488 GTB, which goes at the expense of over $ 252, 800.

Related Questions and Searches

Q1. Do Motorcycle Stop Faster Than Cars?

The motorcycle is �rapid’; it stops quicker than cars. This is similar to its acceleration; it’s faster than that of cars. This is made possible due to their lightweight chassis, thus better performance.

Q2. Are Motorcycles More Dangerous Than A Car?

Many people think it’s more dangerous to ride a motorcycle than a car. Studies show that 80% of motorcycle accidents lead to injuries. On the other hand, about 20% of car accident cases result in being hurt. Reports say that a motorcyclist is 26 times at risk of being wounded or dying in a car-motorcycle collision.

Q3. Can A Beginner Ride A 600cc Bike?

Actually, a 600cc is a good choice for a novice rider. It has a high-performance engine. You can judge performance of bike engine by sound made by a motorcycle can makes.

Q4. Do Motorcycles Last Longer Than Automobiles?

Motorcycles have a lifespan similar to that of cars. It depends on the maintenance and treatment one gives to it. Also, frequent servicing is essential.

Q5. Best Accelerating bike?

The quickest motorcycle from 0 to 60 is the Suzuki GSX-R 1000. It took only 2.35 seconds to reach such speed. This is one of their best products. Suzuki company is known to be one of the best in making motorcycles of high performance.


You now know clearly why motorcycles are so fast and the reasons behind this. This article was to give us clear and well-detailed information about bikes and why they move fast. We know that motorcycles have there our advantages over cars and vice versa. Motorcycles navigate easily through traffic. One can reach their destination more quickly. If one needs a perfect-speed automobile, a superbike may be a better choice considering its price and a sports car.