Can Motorcycles Get Towed?

 If you love riding motorcycles, you probably know the beauty of it. As much as you care about yourself, you also care about your bike. Therefore, you are happy to move your motorcycle to wherever you go with ease. For this reason, you’ll require a proper towing procedure. Towing for several people is associated with four-wheel vehicles with break down. However, the question is, can a motorcycle get towed? Motorcycles, in some cases, may require towing in the case of the flatbed. Some motorcycle owners would prefer to tow their motorcycles behind a car, but this would not be suitable for a long distance. You might need a truck to tow your motorcycle safely. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that even your motorcycle could break down, and you need to tow it safely.

Reasons you may need to tow your motorcycle

Here we have outlined some of the reasons you may require to tow your motorcycle. When your motorcycle fails to start, you are in the middle of the road. This could be because of a dead battery, and you will need to see a mechanic. Therefore, you will need to tow it to a nearby garage. Another reason is when you run out of gas which is a common problem for motorcyclists. If you are far from a fuel station, you will need to tow it. Also, you will need towing when you have when you encounter a flat tire. You can fix it, but it could be dangerous because of road traffic. Again, you may need towing if you get involved in an accident involving a collision. If your motorcycle is damaged, you do not endanger yourself by driving it, but you should seek towing services.

Can you tow your motorcycle using another motorcycle?

You can tow your motorcycle with another motorcycle though this is a rare sight. It is riskier as compared to using a vehicle. Also, this will attract crowds, and you will be stopped by the police because there are regulations to be adhered to when towing. These regulations include towing at a speed of 30km/h. Furthermore, the motorcycle being cycled should be able to roll safely and have functional brakes and brake lights. You should not tow a motorcycle with a gearbox failure.

Are you allowed to tow a motorcycle using a rope?

Towing a motorcycle using a rope is possible, but you will need a strong rope. This method of towing might not be safe. Moreover, you may be required to have a licensed partner to carry out this process. Just like you are towing another car, you will tie the motorcycle to the handlebar and the car’s hitch. This method proves to be more accessible when towing, so you could consider it. In case you get a motorcycle breakdown.

Easy way to tow your motorcycle

You may require to tow your motorcycle while going for a vacation, weekend trip, or when it has a problem and requires a mechanic. Thus, you may need a trailer to allow you to transport it conveniently. However, having a Cycle-Tow will spare you the expense of using a trailer, maintenance, and storage. It is easy to use because it connects directly to a two-inch receive on your car. Though motorcycles may be unstable, you will require another person to help you tighten the straps and secure them.

This Cycle-Tow ensures that the motorcycle’s front wheel is firmly held; therefore, you will not experience any trouble when offloading the motorcycle. Moreover, the Cycle-Tow is so light and easy enough to operate due to its features, making it suitable for women who love riding. Again, it is designed to offer you multiple functions where you can use it as a chock during the storage of your motorcycle. This chock is also helpful to you while you are conducting maintenance as it allows you to access tight areas of your motorcycle. Nevertheless, this Cycle-Tow is bound to last you long as it is durable steel. You will love this product, and you should consider it to help you when you want to tow your motorcycle.

Recommended methods of towing a motorcycle

It does not matter whether you are towing your motorcycle upcountry or for storage, but it starts with the right method. Therefore, you need to learn these three proper methods to tow your motorcycle effectively. Without further ado, let’s look at them briefly.

Flatbed Towing: This is the most common method of towing which is supported by frames and string wheels hence suitable for motorbikes that are not running. It is perfect because there will be no errors having to set it up. Your motorcycle won’t flip over the bed because it is held by special ropes, locks, and straps. Furthermore, finding this flatbed tow is easy as they’re available in plenty.

Two-wheel towing: This is a perfect tool to tow your motorcycle affordable and simple to use. All you need is to mount your motorcycle onto the ramp, and you’ll be good to go.

Towing Cradles: It works like an RV dragging a small vehicle and thus offers an excellent choice for you to tow your motorbike. You can afford it because it is not compact and, therefore, the best towing tool for motorcycles. So, this method won’t let you down; hence you should go for it when you want to tow your motorbike.

Towing services for a motorcycle

You need to find a towing company that tows motorcycles and suits your towing needs. In most cases, car towing service providers are available everywhen but may not necessarily offer you professional motorcycle towing. Therefore, having a professional towing company will ensure that your motorbike is safe. So, you should ensure that you can contact one when you happen to go out for a ride as part of foreseeing unpredicted circumstances such as break down. Having their contacts will be helpful to you in case you will require their service.

Ensuring that you contact the towing company faster makes them get to you quicker and avoid inconveniences on your ride. You may require towing services considering the different situations you may find yourself in. As a parent, you may take your children for a ride, and things may not be on their side, which may scare you. Therefore, you will require to contact a towing company to obtain their service. Thus, ensure that you have their contact with you to be on the safe side.

How Much Does It Cost to Tow a Motorcycle?

Towing a motorcycle by requiring the services of a company will require you to dip into your pocket. You could be required to pay a minimum of USD 50. This could be roughly five to ten miles, and the charges will increase as you go for many miles. However, it would be effective if you go for the towing methods outlined above if you want to tow regularly. This would cut the costs you could incur by requiring the services of towing companies. But if you would consider the damage your motorcycle could be subjected to by transporting yourself, it would be riskier. So, the choice is yours to pick the method that suits you.


Who to call in case of a motorcycle breakdown?

Getting a break down on the road is annoying for a motorcycle. There could be several reasons which could bring it. If you run out of fuel and you do not know anyone around, you will require to ask for the services of roadside assistance. Tow dolly vs. auto transport: we recommend that you go for professional motorcycle shipping if you are not good enough to tow a motorcycle. Using a Tow dolly may cause damage to your motorcycle or endanger yourself if you do not have the right safety equipment. Hence, we strongly advise you to go for experienced motorcycle carriers to help you tow your motorbike safely.

How much for motorcycle towing insurance on Progressive?

If you get roadside assistance, you would probably be charged $16 by Progressive. On the other hand, some companies such as AAA have clubs making roadside assistance affordable to you. So, you are free to will to choose an insurance company that suits your needs.

What Should You Observe as You Transport a Motorcycle?

After setting out on the journey, you should stop after about 30 minutes and ensure that nothing is loosened from your motorcycle. In case you find any loosening, you tighten the straps and adjust them well to ensure the safety of your motorcycle. You are also advised to take wider turns to ensure while driving a trailer to avoid accidents. Furthermore, you should drive slowly. Once you have completed your journey, you should offload the motorcycle in the correct procedure to prevent damage.

How Do They Tow illegally Parked Motorcycles?

Towing an illegally parked motorcycle may cause some damage, and the owner may sue the government or towing company. Though they may be parked unlawfully, these motorbikes do not cause any obstruction to anyone. Police may use all the appropriate methods to impound motorcycles and avoid damage safely. Therefore, towing company or police should be extra cautious when towing to prevent damaging the motorcycle.