It reaches a point in life when you get very busy until you don’t even have time to ride or use your motorcycle. And as such, it remains lonely and sits for years. So, now you should be asking yourself what might happen to your beloved motorcycle when you leave it to sit for many years. We could be talking about motorcycles that have sat for decades or one century.

If you leave your motorcycles to stay in one specific location for a long time, here are some possible things that might occur:

  • The chains become unlubricated and stiff
  • It rusts
  • The fuel gels up
  • The carburetors and engine become condensed
  • Battery ends up being drained
  • Tires end up being brittle, and a flat spot is created
  • The gaskets and seals crack and shrink
  • The paints on the entire motorbike peel off

Of course, there are many other possible outcomes, but the ones we have highlighted above could be some of the ultimate possibilities. And there are tons of things to consider if you have owned a motorcycle located in one place for many years and more, so it becomes even a more significant concern if you wish to give it a try to buy one of such kind. So, it is vital to keep accessing your motorcycle to ensure your machine stays in its optimal conditions and shape.

What facilitates the parts of the motorcycle break down?

If you left your motorbike sitting in a place without any cover, then the possibility of breaking is faster and inevitable. First of all, you need to know that when motorcycles or any machinery is faced with an extreme temperature, the deterioration rate is hastened. However, if you store your motorcycles under a cover or in a garage, its rate of disintegration is reduced; however, it can break over a very long period, like many years. So, let’s go on a step-by-step basis and see what causes and why the damage is meted in your motorbike that sits for a long time.

Motorcycle tank peeling off

If the bike tank gets a lot of exposure to UV rays, the rays will hugely destroy the coat and later clears the paint. You’ll be able to notice this by the chipping way and bubbling up. And after this occurs, the color will be hugely exposed, and it will continue to deteriorate. But, if you want to restore such a motorcycle, it can still be possible to salvage it.

The gaskets and seals crack and shrink

In simple words, the gaskets in your motorbike are just like the normal rubber band. Suppose you fail to stretch them often; their original elasticity becomes brittle. If you want it to make it last, you’ll require always to stretch it and exercise it often. And this is also similar to your motorbike’s gaskets and seals. When your motorcycle is in use, the gaskets and seals are always exercised because of the heat up they endure, allowing them to expand and even offer you a very tight seal. However, if such parts stay for long without being expanded, they become brittle and allow fluid to leak out.

Battery dies off/Drains

Also, if you leave your motorcycle to sit for long, your battery dying off is imminent. If you didn’t know, there is what we refer to as parasitic drain, and in this scenario, the motorbike computers and even wires begin to discharge gradually. And this phenomenon is normally felt by motorcycles over a decade old sitting. But if you leave your motorbike to site even for many years, it will ultimately drain the battery entirely, and it will not have the ability to charge. In other words, it will be rendered useful and powerless.

The carburetors and engine become condensed

If you’re located in a very humid and colder climates, the chances are high that water will start to penetrate the engine and the carbs. And this is possible when you leave your motorbike to sit while its carbs are widely open or even when condensation occurs. And if you need to prevent this from happening, you’ll be forced to get a cover to protect the motorbike from the carbs, but the condensation may still be felt with the chilling temperatures.

The fuel left in your tank may end up being gel up

If the gas isn’t in an airtight reservoir, if it gets exposed or comes in contact with oxygen, it will react with oxygen to form a very sticky gel-like product. In there, you’ll smell a very noticeable foul odor. And when gas becomes like this, it becomes useless, and starting your engine will not be possible will such gel-like substances. If you wish to keep your motorcycle sitting for a long time, it is advisable or recommended to empty the fuel container or include a fuel stabilizer inside there.

Rust is also Eminent

When oxygen, iron, and moisture react, you know the results – rust. This is what we normally refer to as iron oxide. And this is not only for motorcycles but for all machinery that runs on engines and is made from iron. If you leave your motorbike to stay for long, you’ll have to struggle with rust that develops faster due to the reactions on the material’s surface. Rust’s chances are slowed down when you use your motorcycle often because no response will always occur because of friction and speed normally felt on the motorcycle.

Chain stiffness is also felt

When the chainstay dormant for a long time, slew issues occur, and your motorcycle will have many problems because of the unlubricated motorcycle. If your motorcycle is left to sit for long in a place, then the oil lubricant that is left will either dry on the surface of the chain and even sometimes gather dust and dirt and create a cement-like chain that makes it hard to separate. As such, it can hold up the chain in place. You’ll face a problem trying to separate or twine it.

How many years are we talking about here?

Of course, we know that not everyone uses their motorcycles daily, and sometimes you may find that you’ve left your motorbike to sit for about one or so weeks without using them. But that should not be a cause of an alarm because, within a week, nothing worse will have occurred to your motorbike, given that you have covered the right area. However, if you leave it for more than one month without giving the appropriate attention, you may lose your valuable.

But if you go on your motorcycle for many years, say ten years, the above effects that we have talked about will be felt, and you’ll have little to no recovery effort to get back your motorbike to its initial state. Not unless you have no problem losing the worth of this such machine; servicing it and storing it appropriately is always conditionally.

How can you restore a motorbike that has been sitting?

After you’ve seen the above section, the next you want to know is whether you can still restore a motorbike that has been sitting for many years. You don’t have to be worried because you can still get your old treasure back. We must point out that leaving your motorcycle to sit for long isn’t a good idea; however, that doesn’t mean you should just let things rest. There are tons of easy and manageable methods to counteract all the time your motorbike has been sitting there. Check out our best options:

First, it is very important to go for the important things. If possible, check the battery to ascertain whether it is dead or alive. If the battery is dead, you can try other options like replacing it. You can also ensure the oil is replaced and lubricate the chain appropriately.

Again, you can replace the bike’s tire, but you should not do it by yourself. Sometimes, you can make a mistake during replacement, and you may have to undergo a very challenging situation like being involved in an accident because you did something wrongly. Also, if possible, you can clean the carburetor thoroughly to keep it in good shape.

Cleaning the carburetor means that you’ll be removing any unnecessary elements and making things work as required. Further, you must get rid of all the gasoline in the fuel tank, and cleaning it will take the gas until it remains pure. Also, you should not forget to drain even all the bike’s fuel lines.

If you’re looking forward to having your motorbike spring into action, a few options can help you attain what you need. But when a motorbike stays for many years in a place, sometimes the possibility of restoring it is limited because it might not be worth it to restore. Old is gold!