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Shock absorbers are responsible for making your bike drive smoothly. However, no matter how much money you spend on your motorcycle, you are more than likely still going to have trouble with your shock absorber. But there’s nothing to worry about as you can replace them quickly and cheaply.

Do You Need A Motorcycle Shock Absorber?

Riding on the road is not always an easy task. You’ll find it hard to drive on rocky or bouncy terrain. Most people wish to drive smoothly because it’s dreadful if you can’t control your bike well. Having a good motorcycle shock absorber is essential for both the rider and the bike.

The shock absorber is also called the suspension. It controls the wheels by compressing and expanding, helping you drive safely on any kind of road. 

Shock absorbers are customizable and you can fit them on any kind of bike. The different types and models that are available on the market can be hard to choose from, but a little research is all you need to get the perfect one for your motorcycle.

After going through various models, we have decided that making a list of the best products will help people save their time and money. Though the motorcycle shock absorbers don’t cost much, you are still going to be spending money, and we hope this article will help you make a worthy purchase.

BURLY B28-1201B Slammer Shock

The first motorcycle shock absorber we have listed will easily capture your attention with its price and efficiency. 

Don’t want to face difficulties on rough roads? Imagine all the bumping and instability these types of roads can cause. This is why there is a serious need for you to get yourself some shock absorbers. Avoid all the trouble and say yes to smooth driving.

The BURLY shock absorber measures about 10.5 inches. This shock absorber is capable of reducing the pressure too. While this suspension is working, your bike becomes easier to handle.

However, you should be a little cautious while riding on rough surfaces; though the suspension helps your bike handle situations like this, you should still always make your own safety a priority. 

There’s another thing you should keep an eye on too: the sound. At times, the shock absorbers tend to make a squeaking sound, which can be annoying. 

These shock absorbers are perfect for all kinds of bikes; this makes them a great purchase. You can adjust this suspension accordingly as well.

This product is cost-efficient, which is a great reason to purchase it. The only drawback is the sound it makes. Despite this, its positive features outweigh the flaws.

Ohlins HD 159 Ohlins Shocks

Moving on to the next best shock absorber, we have Ohlins. This product is on the expensive side, but the biggest reason that it made it onto our list is that it’s worth every penny you spend on it.

Once you install the Ohlins shock absorber, you’ll be able to observe how the performance of your bike improves.

Quality is what matters. When you are spending a significant amount of money, you should get the best quality possible. And with a cost like this, you can expect long-lasting durability. Invest once and you are investing for a lifetime. That’s how strong and stable these shock absorbers are.

The company provides you with a 5-year warranty on the product too! This is incredible, and you may not be able to find any others that come close to Ohlins in terms of a protection plan.

These shock absorbents are 13.5 inches long and are perfect for any kind of bike.

They are made of pressurized gas and oil, so you can be sure of their durability. The Ohlins HD 159 stands out from the standard shock absorbers. We can go on and on about its quality and how it reflects on the performance. If you love to ride all the time, this is the product for you. These shock absorbers are easy to set up, and they’re adjustable. Investing in these would be a great decision for your wallet and for the performance of your bike.

Newsmart Adjustable Motorbike Shock

These shock absorbers can carry about 200 kilograms and are known to be very stiff. 

Looking for a shock absorber that is simple and works well? Then the Newsmart is the one for you.

These shock absorbers are perfect for most kinds of bikes, and you are good to go without spending a lot of money and time on installation.

They give you that comfortable ride that you are looking for. You will be able to control your bike quickly and forget about the problems the rough roads might cause. With these shock absorbers inserted in your motorcycle, you are guaranteed to have a smooth ride.

These shock absorbers have gained plenty of love for being effective. Unless you’re wanting to try something better and even more expensive, the Newsmarts are great at doing their job and will improve the performance of your bike.


With so many shock absorber varieties on the market, it can be a bit overwhelming to decide what’s best for your bike. With this article, we’ve provided you with the top three products worth discussing. Hopefully, this list helps you find the shock absorber that you’re looking for. 

Taking care of your bike is important. It’s your mode of transportation. With good quality shock absorbers, you won’t need to worry about driving on rough roads. The shock absorbers will keep you safe because they will allow you to control your bike, no matter the circumstances.

Here’s a video on how to install shocks:

So take your time when looking for the right shock absorbers. Get a product that’s durable, effective, and cost-efficient. Also remember to look for warranties and check the length and fits of the shock absorber before purchasing. 

Safe travels!