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When you first start riding you may not have money to spurge on expensive helmets. Even if you are a seasoned pro, you may not want to spend more money than you have to, instead you may want to put that money into parts for your chopper. And it’s possible to get a decent helmet for a good price, which is why we are going to be looking at some of the best motorcycle helmets under $200.

So whether or not money is a problem for you its always good to see the options out there right? That’s why we have done the research and found three different brands that offer great motorcycle helmets. And trust us, you always want to wear a helmet. It’s cool to live if you ever get in an accident. Want even more reasons on why you should wear a motorcycle helmet? Now you can do the research yourself, or let us do the heavy lifting for you.

You can read this entire post, or if you just want to get check out the top helmets, here is a quick table:

Daytona Motorcycle Half Helmet

The first one we’re going to talk about is the Daytona Motorcycle Half Helmet Skull Cap- Dull Black W/O Visor. 100% DOT Approved and is also completely stylish for guys and gals alike. Weighing in at only 1.75 pounds its protective for any accidents that might be in your future, but also light enough to not cause any mobility problems or neck pain. Lets protect our brains!

It comes in multiple sizes too or if you have a pee brain head or a bowling ball for a head they got what you need.

Make sure when purchasing a helmet you must BUY DOT ONLY and make sure it’s not only the company selling you the helmet that claims to have DOT accreditation! When looking for the best motorcycle helmet under 200 make sure you don’t lack the safety standards you need to potentially save your life. While most helmet companies claim to be Department of Transportation approved, not all are officially DOT approved so check your product before you buy.

The best thing is there is absolutely no pinching under you chin, beard or hair is guaranteed. Lord forbid your racing down the high way and your beard or hair get caught under the chin strap! Their chin strap can be adjusted forward or back to protect you from a potential disaster. They have a custom quick release locks on all of their helmets so with the swipe of a finger you’re good to go.

Check this out, they offer a 100% GUARANTEE! Plus you can get you money back for the first 90 days pretty flipping awesome if you ask me. They promise that their helmets do not chip or change in color after prolonged exposure to the sun. Sick right?


Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet

Next up we have the Vega Helmets Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet with Sunshield for Men and Women. It is adjustable and is also DOT approved. It has a half face skull cap and is patriotic to boot although it comes in many colors and varieties.

So what makes the Rebel Warrior Motorcycle Half Helmet for Men & Women that special? Created by Vega Helmets they claim it is the ideal motorcycle helmet for those looking for more comfort than style. Due to their helmets being small and lightweight (2.2 pounds) they offer custom fit for whoever you are.

It even comes with a face shield which the previous one did not. So you get excellent protection from the sun, annoying bugs, and any debris that your tires might kick up. Enjoy your ride with awesome optical support and a drop down inner sun shield so that pesky sun doesn’t get in your way.

The Rebel Warrior skull cap helmet features a fully adjustable dial system which in our book is totally cool. The perfect custom fit for your, mine, his or hers head, with an advanced moisture wicking line that is machine washable. The design channels EPS allows for increased cooling while increasing the safety at the same time. Plus its got a padded quick-release strap for extra convenience.

The safety features are off the hook. This helmet meets or exceeds US DOT FMVSS 218 safety regulations. It is engineered with a quoted, “thick, high density fully vented EPS liner to greatly absorb impact so you can feel confident riding your cruiser, chopper, scooter, moped, ATV, UTV or street bike.”

Plus they offer a 5 year warranty so this would be a great route to go for in the future. This helmet may be the most expensive of the three, but the warranty just might be worth a few extra bucks.


TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet with ‘Flag” Graphic

Last but certainly not least we have the one and only TORC T55 Spec-Op Half Helmet with ‘Flag” Graphic is also a personal favorite. It has two outer shell sizes so you know that you are going to get the look you’re going for. It is designed as an oval head shape with a pretty sweet drop down sun visor. It is also machine washable for the cheek pads This model is DOT approved and also meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS).

While it is the heaviest of the three helmets being compared as 2.9 pounds the price you pay isn’t really that bad. All the helmets are black with a grey design on them but 5 different designs are offered. At this low price you might even be able to get a few so depending on your mood you are completely covered.


To wrap things up we have three excellent helmets to choose from. Remember that maintaining your bike and keeping it in tip top shape by doing regular oil changes is the first line of defense in safety. They are come in variations, multiple styles and all for under $200 which is pretty great is you ask us. So use this, figure it out and get out there.