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Choosing the best riding gear has proved to be a challenge for many riders. The protective gears when riding include the use of gloves, a helmet, a leather jacket, and boots. Riding boots are quite expensive but are worth it as they protect the foot. This has made many riders opt to use Timberland boots that cover the ankle and are now available at a cheaper price.

But then, can these boots be used for riding?

Material wise Timberlands are not as good as the riding boot. They are less durable and subject to some abrasion and low resistive impact. However, they are good than sandals or just riding barefoot. It cannot outdo the sturdy pair of the Riding boots though one can use the timberland as riding pair. You can get a pair of Timberland Boots here from Amazon. It depends with one degree on investment for protecting his foot. Timberlands are heavy for riding and can soot activities like hiking and climbing.

Should we wear timberlands when riding a motorcycle?

As compared to other alternatives let’s say sneakers, timberlands are much better as they protect the ankles when laced tightly. Another added advantage is they are taller than most the shoes. Most of the timberlands are designed to suit the required fashion and to meet the customer’s demand. They are not designed as a riding boot pair. With that consideration, you get some boots that are made of thin leather and do not meet the safety of riding.

Some boots are made of thick leather materials but they are expensive but not as much as the riding boots. One of the necessities for a good riding boot is that it should be able to tolerate impact and cannot tear up easily when scraped on the concrete. If we consider work boots like the ones used in the electrical field they can tear up if you also fall.

The design of the riding boots is that they are reinforced so to protect you in case you are involved in an accident and fall. The materials made of, maybe concentrated just above the toes, around ankles generally over your toes. This extra piling of materials in the riding boots protects one from an injury. Most of the timberland shoes, almost all have laces, which expose one to risk given the fact that the motorcycle has a lot of moving parts. In case one of the shoelaces come into contact with these moving parts it will result in uncalled situations.

Also, we should consider the rainy season, most of the timberlands are not waterproof, unlike the riding boots which are waterproof and fit well in all weather. It is not guaranteed that there will be a downpour every day, but you won’t like your timber to be soaked with water. The good side of timberlands is that they have firm threads. This increases the friction or rather increases good contact with the brake pad which ensures the rider has control of the bike. And therefore, if one decides to use the timberland boots as the riding gear, one can do so with the knowledge that it’s not a riding gear and can provide minimal protection in case the unexpected happens.

Why Are Leather Boots Recommended For Riding?

You may have asked yourself why most of the boots are made of leather? Leather is durable and that’s one of the requirements for riding boots. However, some of the motorcycle boots are not made of leather but at least have a leather coating in central regions. The use of leather is of paramount importance as it protects during tear and wears. It is hard to cut through and in case of an accident it protects one ankle from sustaining some injuries.

When looking for a good riding leather boot, you should consider those reinforced with other layers of materials such as plastics or metals. These extra additives protect your foot. Mention, most of the riders who have been involved in accidents regret why they didn’t invest in good protective riding boots. Since leather does not have a firm grip when in contact with the oil. Riders should consider getting boots with rubber soles to increase their grip and durability.

Are riding boots worth their cost?

Statistics have it that leg injuries due to motorcycles injuries are approximately 47%. This is contributed to the fact that legs are close to the ground when riding and will first come to contact with the ground in case of a crash. Foot injury can be minor like injury of a toe or severe like the loss of the whole foot. And this will interfere with your day-to-day activities. It does not necessarily that wearing the riding boots will protect you from a foot injury. Sometimes an injury can be so vital that you can get injured at the expense of the boots. For instance, motorcycle racers do get involved in vital accidents and can get broken ankles even though they are always in protective gear.

Alright, riding boots are expensive, that’s true as compared to the use timberlands. An approximate cheaper riding boot is around $100 which is cheaper in the long run as compared to the hospital bill. Prevention is better than cure they say, so it’s better to invest in the boots rather than to incur the cost of paying for bills not planned for.

What type of boot is best for riding?

The aim being safety consideration, we should consider a type that’s resistive to abrasion, durable, and also economic wise. Under monetary value, one can opt for the use of timberlands with the knowledge that’s not a riding boot and does not provide efficient safety as compared to the riding boot. One may also opt for timberlands because of the value of fashion to function and safety which is also one’s choice and is accepted. But ill recommend you choose one with the thick leather type of boot.

In addition, boots come in varieties, others are shorter but still protect the ankle. Many riders go to touring boots or rather motocross boots which offer more protection. Giving some examples of motorcycle boots one can purchase are Daises Fulcrum with an approximate cost of 299 dollars, Sidi adventure with an approximate cost of $349.99, and finally Sidi performer boots at an approximate price of 249.99 dollars.

Are motorcycle riding boots necessary?

Sometimes one can get uncomfortable when wearing the shoes which can lead to distraction and fatigue while riding the motorcycle. Apart from the comfortability considerations, one should know that the boots grant protection to exhaust pipe, cold weather, and protection of the foot from injuries and road debris.

How are motorcycle boots important?

Motorcycle riding may be fun but very dangerous and thus the need for the use of boots factoring in cost and safety. If you are considering using timberland until you get a pair of riding boots, then be quick about trading one. But don’t use sneakers or sandals which do not provide protection to your foot or ride rather barefoot. Riding boots are very important as they can protect from cuts as one has to support his weight and that of the bike when he stands.

Difference between motorcycle riding boots and timberland boots?

The significant difference is that motorcycle riding boots have lateral crushing protection. If one holds it in the hand and tries to bend the sole heel to the toe, it will be a futile task.

Ankle cup

Most riding boots come with a plastic cup whose role is to provide the Ankle in case of a slide that is not found in the timberland shoes.

Sole Grip and stiffness

The boots have proved to have an excellent grip and are also difficult to bend as compared to timberland shoes which can easily be bent. The aim of the hard sole is to the protection of the ankle from mangling in case of a crash


Riding boots are designed in a way that the rear and front of the shoes, can allow easy movement without stretching by use of flex panels

Generally, motorcycles boots are more flexible than timberland shoes allowing for easy changing of the gears

Steel toes

The upper toe of the motorcycle boot is made of steel which timberland lacks. This has an advantage in that shifting will be painless

Water resistivity and good ventilation.

Motorcycles boots are resistant to water. In addition, they are designed to provide good ventilation which timberland shoes lack.


A passionate rider should put safety before everything. And this means that using timberlands will be for other activities and not riding as it lacks protective features which are present in the motorcycle riding boots. Despite the comfort of common shoes like sneakers, one will get used to riding shoes if ones get a good pair, to the extreme of not riding without them. And the advantage of the riding shoes is that you do not have to carry your timberland shoes so that you can remove them to wear the other shoe, they have good walkability properties and are much more comfortable to commute in them