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Want to make your bike stand out?

Then you need to check out what we have for you in this article: some fantastic LED lights that will make your bike look bright, even on the darkest nights.

Sure, bikes come with lights already, but what about their durability and effectiveness? Thanks to LED motorcycle lights, you can set yourself up with the best type of lights no matter what kind of bike you have. These lights last longer, don’t use much power, and cost very little.

When you get LED lights for your bike, you’ll realize that they are your best decision ever.

LED lights are bright. They will create more visibility, better than the original lights that come with the bike. You might also find the lights very attractive. There are many colors and styles you can choose from. Looking for an upgraded motorcycle light? We lead you to the LED lights. They are brilliant.

The biggest struggle you’ll encounter while buying LED lights is choosing what to get. Yes, that’s right. There are several LED lights, and there are innumerable models too. 

Luckily, if you are still here, we will make choosing easier for you.


An app can control these lights. The package comes as a set of 12 strips of lights with 18 color combinations. Installing these lights into your bike is easy as well. The extension wires that come with them are the reason for easy installation.

The most iconic aspect of these lights is the app control. The LED lights also have features such as voice control and music! Do you want your LED lights to blink according to the beat? These do! Now you probably know why these top our list. They stand out of the conventional ways, and they’re adopted to fit the new trends in just the right way.

The LED is multicolored. There are seven colors, and they make 18 combinations. It’s important to mention that there’s also a blue light, which you can use if it’s legal in your area.

What’s more? CHICO is waterproof. Don’t worry if you are driving through a stream or if it rains. The silicon material used in making the LED lights keeps them secure. 

Finally, these lights are flexible; if you want to customize your bike and insert lights the way you wish to, TACHICO lights are all about that.


The focus feature of the SUPAREE LED lights is that they are waterproof. Scared to ride on a rainy day? Or are you limiting yourself to lesser motorcycle rides when the rainy season arrives? Get SUPAREE and throw away all your worries. These LED lights are the best if you are primarily looking for waterproof lights.

These lights come as a set of twelve light sticks with sticky tape. There’s no trouble with the installation process at all, as the lights come with mounting features as well.

Moving on to the features, you also get to control the lights with a wireless remote.

An extra cable that’s as long as 150 cm is given if you want to place your lights on more extensive motorcycles. 

The lights are more than just colors; the 15 static colors that come with different light modes make these LED lights more effective. You can also adjust the brightness while using these lights. They can be controlled wirelessly, or you can directly use the remote. 

Flexibility is what we love. This makes them more usable on other vehicles or objects in particular. They not only light up your motorcycle, but also make it very attractive. You can choose what color you like to use, making them very customizable too.


Famous for being ultra-thin, these OPT7 lights will be one of your best purchases. 

The lights come with distinct lighting effects such as flash, fade, and dim. You can choose how you want your lights to look.

Operating the lights with a remote makes them more convenient to use. There’s an easier control than that too, which is a switch that you can insert on your handle. 

The LED lights are flexible, allowing you to mount them on your bike just the way you desire. OPT7 LED lights glow on both sides, creating uniformity. 

Another great feature that we love about these lights is that you can only see the strips when they light up, as they are very thin. This gives your bike a more magical vibe.

No, we are not done listing out these light’s amazing features just yet. The last one is that they’re waterproof! 

You can use these lights right away, without spending a lot of time checking and installing. These lights surely showcase the best parts of your bike.

The lights come with a complete kit; you don’t have to purchase anything else. Remarkably, these lights are visible even during the day. 

Give your bike the glow it deserves.

Bottom Line

Though we have many advanced bikes with good lighting, nothing will come close to the extra LED lights you can custom fit on your bike.

LED lights make your bike the real star. However, nothing beats taking care of your motorcycle which means maintaining with things such as good motorcycle oils. While on the road, the lights make your bike stand out. The high lighting will make sure that the people on the road are well aware of your presence.

Choose the light that’s perfect for your bike and your personal preferences. Also ensure that they’re easy to operate. 

You needn’t worry about the cost either, as the motorcycle LED lights in this article are usually very reasonably priced and last long. Waterproof features should be an essential aspect to look for when getting your LED lights as well. You can also choose to get a single color or multicolored lights according to your taste.

Have you made up your mind on what lights to get? We hope so!