-2 2014

Adam – I picked this bike up about a month ago, in sad shape.  It looks like it may have been a nice bike when originally built, however it passed through the hands of some not so talented people.  Luckily the bike was running, however was no where near safe to ride.  I’m a car builder, so I figured I’d try my hand at a bike.

-3 2014 -6 2014

After I got the bike home I was moving it around the garage and the handlebar snapped and the bike hit the ground.  (someone had repaired them before, as well as the haggard forward controls)  That was the moment when I decided to completely rebuild the bike.

-1 2014 -5 2014

I’ve included some original build pictures I’ve found as well as the new finished photos.  The bike is now a kustom color we came up with (silver base with silver flake, candy california gold with gold flake, mandarin orange candy, and two coats of straight california gold.  Speedmaster front and Firestone rear tires, zombie narrow apes, xscharge pma, pamco ignition, new bearings, tubes, rim liners, wiring harness, etc.  Basically a brand new bike now.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a few things, unsure of any future plans but for now I’ll just enjoy it!