-4 2014

JD -After finishing my Sidecar rig Tracker Build Featured here a year or so ago. I began on this one. 976 XS650 hardtail chopper with GSXR 600 front end conversion. This thing was hacked on pretty bad when I got it and It was a perfect candidate for a Hardtail. I had Jon and the crew @ Monstercraftsman put one of the first Mk21 hardtails on it along with a monoshock seat kit. The front forks were tossed and fitted with a 2005 Gsxr Front end. I spun up custom spacers on the lathe for the wheel and pressed the stem out and machined a bushing to fit the stock stem to the Gsxr lower.

-8 2014 xs650-motor

I had cognito moto make me a top tripple with the correct offset and found a pair of speedmetal clip-ons to finish it up. The motor was torn down and inspected Beadblasted and had the valves cut and put it all back together. A Pamco ignition and Hughs handbuilt PMA were installed along with a antigravity batter tucked down where the started used to live. The carbs were also gone through and rebuilt. Pandemonium ya mama pipes were powder coated, wrapped and fitted with a custom heat shield.

-2 2014 -3 2014

The wheels then got pulled apart and  powder coated and put a fresh set of tires on, along with a new set of 17/32 sprockets and a DID chain. The speedo is a Koso XR-S and the pick up runs off of the rear sprocket to keep everything tidy.

-5 2014 -9 2014

Engine- 650cc

–          Top- end rebuilt

–          New Athena gasket kit

–          New cam chain guide

–          Valves / seats cut at machine shop

–          Bead blasted head / Powder coated jug

–          All covers powder coated

–          Hugh’s handbuilt pma alternator and regulator

–          Pamco electronic ignition

–          Dual out-put coil with performance wires and NGK boots and plugs

–          Anti-gravity battery installed where starter was

–          All new wiring harness with modern mini blade fuses

–          Rebuilt / ultra-sonically cleaned carbs with all new brass and uni-filters

–          Kick only

–          Brand new 17/33 gears and DID rivet style chain

–          Pandemonium ya-mama pipes powder coated with hi-temp and wrapped

–          Runs great with no issues 1-2 kick bike

–          400 miles on re-build


–          Voodoo vintage mk21 hardtail professionally installed by Monster craftsman

–          Cantilever solo seat with biltwel slim line seat and fox vanilla shock

–          2005 GSXR 600 Front suspension conversion

o    New seals and fluid

o    Tapered roller neck bearings / new wheel bearings front and rear

o    Cognito Moto Upper tree custom made for this bike

o   Speed-moto clip on’s off a Ducati

o   Tokico 4 pot caliper

o   Stainless steel brake line

o   New slim line brake caliper

–          Stock wheels powder coated with new spokes installed

–          Brand new Pirelli Sport demon tires and tubes

–          Hand rolled 16 gauge rear fender

–          Alien tank with fuel gauge

–          Twin petcocks with filters

–          Bates style headlight

–          Entire bike is powder coated with the exception of the frame.

–          Frame is coated in KBS Coatings Black top epoxy paint

–          Mid’s with biltwel  folding foot pegs

–          Koso digital dash driven off of rear wheel

–          Magura throttle

–          650 Central ez pull clutch cable with yzf clutch