Mat’s 81 XS650 Bobber


Here is my xs its my first bike build and took almost 5 years.  I would work on the bike on and off when I could afford to spend the money and time on it.


Its been hardtailed, mikuni carbs, electronic ignition and has a PMA.
This bike taught me a lot of hard lessons and at times just beat me up!
During the build I took it to a shop to be tuned after many hours of failed attempts tuning the mikunis, the shop was molitoved and more than 1/2 burnt out.


My bike and 2 others were the only ones to survive out of 25 bikes so I’m lucky i even got to finish it !


Submitted by Mat Cameron


xs650-bobber-81-mat xs650-bobber-81-mat-3 xs650-bobber-81-mat-2