79-xs65-kick-4This is “Patience”. She’s a 79′ kick only with minimal electrics. Just headlight, tail/brake, and ignition. The frame is a one off hardtail with a neck swap.

She’s got a suicide shift made from the base of the stock shift lever, electrical conduit and an antique crystal doorknob. Charging is done with a Delco alternator from a Chevy Camaro, with a sprocket in place of the pulley to be spun by the drive chain.


My buddy who made the battery box, the drop tabs for the tank, and the mounting brackets for the alternator and TCBros electric tank, also made the seat pan and it’s suspended by a TCBros airbag setup. I crashed her the last week of October 2015.


We both got pretty beat up. She’s torn down and awaiting her fate. I’ve got an unmolested 78 Special with
less than 2000 miles on it now.


She’s mechanically and electrically perfect, but there’s a lot of rust and pitting on the surfaces. She’s going to be the new project.


By Ian Raydo


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