busch-bros-xs650-update-1After riding Danny’s XS650 around for a couple years, we got the idea that we needed to update the body, and there were some nit picky points about the entire bike that we wanted to address. We also wanted to make it a bit more user friendly in prep for selling it.

So, we pulled the old fuel tank and spring solo seat for starters. We remade the tank in aluminum, and revised the mounting- so much was stuffed under the tank, that whenever we needed to change wiring or test electricals we had to remove the tank.


Big pain, so we made it flip up and it is supported by a prop rod.

The seat was replaced by a cobra style that we stitched up in black leather. The rear kick up definitely helps to keep you in the right spot- with the spring seat we’d always slide off the back!


To keep a nice continuous flow down the backbone from the fuel cap to the rear, we built a housing for the tail light and signals, which incorporates the same ribs that the tank top and seat have, and it flares out like a clam shell at the rear. The tail lens is a Yankee marker light from an antique shop that we had been saving for JUST the right project, and it fits the look perfectly.


The handlebar was remade to be a little lower without as much pullback, and a couple inches narrower. It helps to control the frontend better and keep the width compact.

To address our biggest problem with the original layout of the bike, we added a 4 piston disc to the front, and now we have the peace of mind in our stopping power.


The foot controls were rebuilt as well, with beefier tubing, and a redesigned linkage. It works better, looks better, and removal is easier.

We replaced the front orb headlight with a standard light to make riding at night easier the orb looked cool but was woefully inadequate.


Sometimes function trumps form for us 🙂

We also added signals to the front, and a horn under the seat. Save for the lack of an electric starter, it’s much more user friendly and finally to the point we can sell it and feel good knowing that it is right and tight!

Special thanks to Asa Gilmore Photography in Reno

By Lance and Daniel Busch

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