white-trash-fabrication-xs650-4I’m Julian Hedin and I run custom motorcycle shop called White Trash Fabrication, or WTF for short. This is a customer bike I built.

This is bike was pretty rough when I got it. I brought her back to life. I made the rear fender out of a real 36 ford spare tire cover, welded a new bottom in to the tank with out burning the pin up off in the process.


That was fun, lol.


I bobbed the front fender, made the exhaust, rebuilt the front end, rework the foot controls, made the headlight mount. The headlight is off a old gi truck. I went over it with some scotch-bright to make it look worn and let that brass show trough.


It has new tires and I converted it to electric ignition. Had a couple friends paint the fenders for me, by hand. I also custom made the speedo mount. She has 4 over forks. I hand tooled the leather for the seat.


I made custom brass tack plug, added some brass nuts to the motor, brass wiring loom, copper fuel lines and made the battery/electrical box out of an old ammo box. This beast is part Rockabilly meets Mad Max, inspired by Sailor Jerry(all the art work on the bike are taken form real Sailor Jerry tattoos, even the seat design) and all badass. I just finished her up and waiting for the customer to pick her.


She one mean little Barhopper for only a $2500 build.


Yes you read that right this build only cost the customer $2500 that parts and labor.


Submitted by Julian Hedin


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