z650-frame-xs650-motor-31979 xs 650 motor, high lift cam, 750 big bore and 34 mikunis.

I did a little porting/polishing, but nothing radical. I used a z650 frame lots of mods to that.

The tank is from a laverda jota, this was badly damaged and needed a lot of repair, including cutting the bottom out and reshaping it to fit the z frame. the tail is a modified tiger cub fuel tank, welded to some home rolled tubes.

Akront rims on a gt 750 rear hub and a xs front hub.

Gpz 1000rx forks. Yzf 750 discs. Fireblade calipers and a master cylinder from a fzr 1000.

I am a fan of Jim clark, the race car driver, so i chose his colours, lotus lemon and british racing green.

I made the clock mounts from 2 plates of mild steel with another sheet wrapped around the front and welded together polished and powder coated.

Same principal for the battery box, this bike was a rolling prototype over many years.

Originally with the original z engine, then i fitted a z1b motor bored to a 1000.

But the xs motor and hand made stainless exhaust was the finishing touch.

Hope you like her.

By Rob Clark

 z650-frame-xs650-motor  z650-frame-xs650-motor-5



xs650 mug
xs650 Bandana
xs650 tanktop
xs650 long sleeve