Stefan’s narrow xs chop.


72 Xs650.
Early 70′ narrow front end.
Chopped up. Raked. 3″ streched original frame.
21″ spool hub front.
16″ stock rear.
Sizzy, Controls stainless steel.





  1. Wow you knocked it out Of the Park!!! One of the best Iv’e seen latly. Whats the exhaust made out of and that narrow springer is awsome. The best si its in your garage to ride!

  2. Al says:

    I can see your thought it out, the results are there !!!

  3. rick says:

    Now were talkin…not trashy like most postings, a real chopper.

  4. dr ron says:

    great bike, clean and a “real honest chop”.
    how about the ground clearance, does t turn whitout scraping the road to much?
    nice paintjob aswell !!

  5. Rich K. says:

    Wow!!!! The best I’ve seen by far!!!

    Thanks for pics and ride safe brother

    Rich K.

  6. Rexxis says:

    Love it. Classic chop and well executed at that. Slick paint. Love the seat, I think this style looks way better than a springer seat. I have wanted to run a seat like this that sits rigid to the frame but damn, that takes the term hardtail to whole other level. Sick bike. Who did the paint and where abt are you located?

  7. reynoldburton says:

    what to say? thats an absolute masterpiece! you really can be proud of yourself.