In the realm of custom builds, every once in a while, a machine comes along that stops you dead in your tracks. Today, we’re thrilled to shine the spotlight on one such beast, a bike that’s been aptly named the “1977 XS650 MURDERCYCLE” by its creator, JD Evans. JD has graced our site with a single picture of his menacing masterpiece, and with a description that packs as much punch as the bike itself.

The image may only give us a snapshot of the MURDERCYCLE, but it’s enough to set imaginations racing. JD’s XS650 isn’t just a motorcycle; it’s a statement on two wheels, a testament to the power and potential that lies within Yamaha’s legendary platform.

JD’s message reveals the heart of this racing motor—a symphony of high-performance modifications that sing to the tune of flat track domination. Ported and polished to perfection, the engine’s breath flows unimpeded through its veins. The milled head ensures a higher compression ratio, while the cam and domed pistons work in concert to unleash a ferocious symphony of power, estimated at an impressive 70-75 horsepower.

The bike’s lifeblood is fed by a set of brand new round slide carbs, meticulously tuned to provide the MURDERCYCLE with a relentless surge of acceleration. It’s clear that every modification has been chosen with one goal in mind: to conquer the flat track with unbridled aggression.

JD’s journey to create this flat track terror wasn’t a solitary one. With some help from his stepdad, the garage became a crucible of creativity and mechanical mastery. The bond formed over wrenches and engine parts is one that many of our community members know well—it’s the shared passion for building and riding that brings us together.


JD’s submission is a reminder of the raw, untamed spirit of the XS650 community. It’s about pushing boundaries, breaking free from conventions, and building something that truly represents the rider’s vision.