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Times are tight and it’s time for my beloved xs650 chopper to go. I’ve had it stored in my garage for a while. It’s just been collecting dust and going unridden. Dropped some gas in the tank a few days ago and it started up on the second kick.

I have been through every nut and bolt on this thing at least twice. It’s a reliable, smooth, loud and quick chopper. I’ve had it to about 110-115mph for about 5 minutes and could hold it one handed. A testament to the re-phase and centerline. It’s no longer a zero miles fresh rebuild, but a great clean almost-completely new bike. Runs excellent and just needs someone to ride it.

Know that I’m motivated to sell and willing to negotiate for a quick sale. Cash talks so come ready to make a deal, not to joy ride.

$5,000 – located in west los angeles.

Frame Overview

• Frame was chemically dipped as well as powder coated
• Both wheels are laced with new aluminum rims on original XS hubs. Both are lined, spoke sealed, have all new seals/bearings, axels, spacers and completely rebuilt brake systems
• Front wheel is 21” with an Avon Speedmaster MKII (21×3) 90%+ tread remaining
• Rear wheel is 16” with an Avon Speedmaster MKII (16×5) 90%+ tread remanning
• Tank is a sportster style 2.5 gallon mounted bungs recessed into the backbone
• Seat is a simple biltwell solo tuck-n-roll, hinged just below the tank bottom and set atop 3” chrome beehive coils
• Stock neck gussets replaced with an A-Box frame in 1/8“ steel at the stock rake. Stock rake was chosen to give a balanced centerline with the +6 over forks
• Forking by frank +6 over tubes, built into the original x650 lowers. Disc mounts left on both lowers to have the option for dual discs
• Tall, chrome sissy bar that is handbill to match the profile of the rear fender and mount to the stock XS swing-arm
• Sissy bar and custom rear fender are both solid mounted to the swing arm; independent of the frame, allowing for full range of motion with the rear suspension
• Rear seat frame section hand built to encapsulate the wiring box and give a fairly rigid stance to the sprung rear end
• Original rubber mounted, solid aluminum risers have been opened up to hold the 1” Pangea Speed Pioneer Bars
• Hippy Killer blue flake grips on compact, simple controls
• Simple 5” front headlight bucket up front with an extended no-school taillight + vertical plate holder side-mounted to the rear swing-arm
• Rear shocks are chrome, monza style that measure 12 3/8” eye/eye
• The stock kickstand has been lengthened and braced to accommodate the new ride height while still tucking underneath the frame with return stock springs

Engine & Electrical Overview

• Rephased crankshaft and camshaft to 277° by Hughs Handbuilt. If you are new to the xs650, this converts the dead/pulling cylinder 360° fire to an opposing cylinder 277° fire. The benefits of doing this are a much higher achievable top speed, dramatic vibration reduction and the bike sounds like a harley-esq chopper
• 3rd overbore cylinders, clearance honed case/head parts with hardened valves
• Charging system completely converted from the stock brushed system to a brushless 200W Permanent Magnet Alternator. Hughs Handbuilt complete kit
• New Shorai LFX14L2-BS12 lithium Iron Battery
• Completely rewire down to a simplified layout. All wire is marine tinned wire
• Original 5th gear has been replaced with a new taller, highway cruising 5th gear


• The current exhaust (comes with bike) is a set I used for bench testing xs motors I’d built in the past. I gave the new exhaust it had and air filters to a friend since I haven’t ridden in a while and haven’t had plans to. You can run it as is or buy a new chrome set for $100
• Air filters. As I mentioned above, I gave these to a buddy who was building his own bike. A new set would run you around $20-30. I covered the carbs with temp filters to run it recently

Submitted by Alfred