-2 2014

Nicky – Still not finished but here’s my muc-off xs650 – Inspired by the fong bros. I started building, playing around and modifying bikes from age of 17. My first bike was a Honda Zoomer that I literally could not look at whilst being stock. I started changing some small bits like wing mirrors, indicators, nuts and bolts.

I soon started to get a taste of what I enjoyed the most and this lead me on to take my motorcycle test. After passing I purchased a new bike that was larger but similar in style.

-1 2014 -3 2014

I looked at bikes on various websites for a good 4 months before deciding that the xs650 was perfect choice for a custom build. My friend and I managed to pick up the bike from Swindon in his t4 van (that barely got there!) The bike was already chopped but the rest of it was a bit of a mess! Wiring everywhere, bits missing and a big bag of nuts and bolt was giving to me when I collected it. I thought, ah great here we go!

After spending the winter in my friends conservatory and a lot of parcels being delivered to his address and plenty of Muc-Off  to clean the darn thing! We started to turn the mess of a bike into something that was looking pretty good.

-4 2014 

After reaching the limit of my skills I had to hand the bike over to my friend, Nathan at Culture Motorcycles (based in three legged cross) to help me finish the build. Nathan started by completely re doing the wiring loom and hiding it through the frame and other components – The bike is still not finished but we have a lot planned.

New flush axles are going to be fitted, all the turning is going to have custom made bolts and the fork legs are going to be shaved and then polished – and then the list goes on!

The engine runs great and sounds amazing with the pipes that are fitted. The reasoning behind the tank graphics are: Muc-Off was established in 1994 and it’s our 20th anniversary this year and wanted to have something special for our local show. Being mainly two wheel specific we thought it was the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how our range of products work on motorcycles and what a bike to do it on! – Nathan’s shop