77 Frisco chop


Well it seems that this bike is again building itself…..
She seems to be fond of the 70’s crisco style.

Managed to swap my old front end with a friend for the vintage skinny springer that is 6 over. Once installed I realized it would not allow me to turn with the coffin tank, since it’s an inline springer.

I cut up the coffin tank to skinny it down and in the mean time picked up a peanut tank that I spray bombed. I may just keep the peanut and paint and sell the skinny coffin tank because I love how this bile is turning out.


I’d like to swap the wheels for xs mags 16″ drum and run the 19 upfront as a spool.

If anyone is in the Hamilton Ontario area who would be interested let me know.

This bike has gone through many stages. This is where she is now.
77 frame with TC Bros hardtail
71 motor with 77 gears
PMA, Pamco and Mallory capacitor
Vintage twisted springer running a 21″ ts185 wheel
Vintage skinny z bars
Vintage sissy bar
Ultima seat
Custom painted friscoed Wassell take. All Duplicolor spray cans with Spraymax 2 k clear

Just switched out the leaky PWK32’s for a fresh set of BS34’s
Much thanks to all my friends that helped,



  1. Mrkil says:

    Hmm i seem to not be able to spell frisco……
    It’s definitely not Crisco style 😉

  2. chris boyle says:

    Old school is cool, lets see more built this way!, you’ve just gotta love it!!.

  3. Gary Crisler says:

    Looks cool but leave the spokes thats the way it’s supposed to look : )

  4. Uncle Bear says:

    Looks like an early 70s chopper. Leave it like it is, I love it!

  5. Cool bike, how’s it ride with the springer?

  6. Mrkil says:

    It rides really well. I wish it wasn’t inline though to give me a better steering radius.

  7. Mrkil says:

    It’s for sale if anyone is interested

  8. jay says:

    Hey bro! Nice bike! Im in The Hammer too! Get a hole of me!

  9. dan finken says: