Without significant constraints:

Yudha From Jakarta-Indonesia: For approximately 8 years I dreamed to have a Yamaha XS650- Earlier in 2010 I got a 1973 XS650 Yamaha engine from Singapore, with the help of a friend, the machine arrived in Jakarta. For the First time, I put the XS650 Engine into a Rigid Frame that I got from my brother Oyong Medan-Indonesia (Thanks Bro). It takes 6 months of hard work and assistance from friends to make this machine run.


Thank God, with the help of my childhood friend “Gerry”, this machine is finally running well. The Next day I was riding this Xs straight to Bogor + – 60km From Jakarta without significant constraints. At the end of 2010, I get the original Xs650 frame, which started me up again to become perfect with the help of the Flying Hammer Garage Indonesia.


At the beginning of 2011 in February, My Yamaha XS650 was finally finished, and I was riding straight into The Queen Port with My Brothers From Iron Horse MC Indonesia, without constraint Means.


Finally My Dream Come true & I dedicate this Yamaha XS650 to my wife and beloved daughter.

Thanks Yudha