Pegasus 650 Speedwing


Jack – I built this custom tribute bike after a visit to the Barber Motorsports Museum, in Leeds, AL.  It was there that I saw and photographed several vintage British bikes and decided that I could build a clone using a XS650.  I used a derelict 1976 XS650C that was missing its front end.  The bike had not run in about 30 years, but the engine turned over and the frame was straight.  I used a weld-on hard tail from TC Brothers and completely zero-timed everything using new components and good used parts I found on the web. 


The fuel tank is a hand-built aluminum item I bought second-hand and the side covers I fabricated from aluminum sheet.  The entire electrical system is new and the engine has been modified with a large-fin cylinder kit from Mike’s XS.  I had a local machine shop make some custome badges and did my best to remove all references to the Yamaha identification.


The idea was to create a believable facsimile of a fictional production motorcycle.  The exhaust headers are ceramic-coated and the frame and rims are powder-coated.  Paint and artwork are by local artist, Danny Bally.


Took me about nine months to build, but she rides and looks great.  Lots of hand-made parts and new chrome. My tribute to the 1948 Triumph Speed Twin.

Jack Gilbert


  1. John T. says:

    Absolutely love this bike! Great work done here. Jack Gilbert, you the man!

  2. Jonas says:

    Beautiful bike, one of the best builds I’ve seen.

  3. CruzBoos says:

    Brilliantly done dude. My grand father would of loved to have seen her since he personally rode these types of ole school machines back in the day, though his machine had fish tails and the ole style centre stand that rolled over the rear wheel. Take care of her and she should be around for another 50 years.

  4. Jack Gilbert says:

    It actually rides and handles surprisingly well. The rigid rear end means that you will feel the bumps, but it is not too bad, given the sprung seat.

  5. Jack Gilbert says:

    Oh, yeah, It sounds incredible!!!

  6. George says:

    Sweet work Jack , Long way from the late 70’s start we had in the Air Force !

  7. FJ says:

    Nice job. I was wondering where you got the rear fender?

  8. Jack Gilbert says:

    I got the fender from J&P Cycles. I made the struts from 1/2 round tubing I got at Lowes.

  9. fanoboss says:

    It ain’t black but it is BAD ASS

  10. turdherder says:

    Great job of replicating the old british look, of which I am also a big fan! I like all the little touches like the front fender, mufflers, even the Harley tool box. I have one I plan in using on my build. Great looking ride, enjoy!

  11. Jack Gilbert says:

    I used the tool box to replicate the look of the original teardrop air cleaner that the Triumph had in this position.

  12. John Murrill says:

    I Love It!!
    Where can I see some more pix with some closeups?
    First class build!!!

  13. Jack Gilbert says:

    Give me an email address and I’ll send you some.

  14. guill says:


  15. David says:

    This is very much the direction I have been pondering for my XS build. Well done!

  16. usp222 says:

    WOW! Now that is one hell of a build.

  17. William A. says:

    Absolutely stunning build Jack! I absolutely love it and it gave me some ideas as to which way I want my next build to go.

  18. El Gaucho says:

    Love it. Just one suggestion, replace the drag bars with bars that look more british, like the bars on “this is Emma” (search it, you’ll see what I mean)

  19. Jack Gilbert says:

    I’ve actually been considering changing the bars.

  20. RJ from the ole school says:

    WOW,,awesome,,,awesome,,awesome,,,excuse my drool but I just fell in love,,,,see ,,,GOOD things do come out of ALABAMA,,,fantastic build

  21. Wilko Van Syl says:

    Now that’s a way to build an XS, just love the styling, it suits the bike wonderfully. Well done.

  22. dex82 says:

    really nice……….should provide lots of ideas for anyone comtemplating a really retro build. gawd, maybe build her a sister in a mint green with a white tank panel…………….another one in a creamy white with red pinstriping………..another in robin’s egg blue………..she really does have the look of a production bike from the early 60’s or the 50’s. again, really nice. although i do agree about the bars, not really something you’d see from the factory during that era

  23. Harleyguy says:

    Did you bend the hardtail or did you purchase one? If so can you share the info?
    Awesome bike I do appreciate your build and it is inspiring. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  24. Jack Gilbert says:

    It’s from TC Brothers Choppers

  25. Harleyguy says:

    Thanks, I wish I had a build sheet on your bike as I would build a twin brother to it.

  26. Jack Gilbert says:

    I’ve put her up for sale. Please see Ebay item #121108541142

  27. Jack Gilbert says:

    I’ve re-listed the bike on ebay. Item #121112135953