Frisco style gas tank

Here is where I started. I ran 3m blue fineline tape along the tank folowing the tunnel. I then ran a sharpie along the tape to get a straight line.

sportie tank1

I cut the brackets and petcock area off the bottom of the tank so the tank would set flush on the table. This way you can run a sharpie along the table and get a straight cutting line.

sportie tank2

First I cut the bottom of the tank and then cut the top line of the tank.

sportie tank3

WOW! what a rusted piece of crap. LOL. This is what is left after the cuts.

sportie tank4

Here you can see how it does not quite line up. You can also see the flat top area on the tank.

sportie tank5

Here you can see both side are beat out and matching up pretty close. There is still a gap between the 2 halves. This is a little trickey and takes a little time to start sanding each side to get it to match up.

sportie tank6

Here you can see after about an hour of finetunning she matches up pretty good. I can weld but will leave putting it together to my master welder buddy!

Joel Mekolites

Tunneling a gas tank