Danny D – This little ’79 Tracker/Bobber/? was a very fun but frustrating build.  The build started with a very good running, very stock looking XS.  One night of drinking and ignition issues and ended up taking the bike home in pieces in the back of a Subaru Wagon.  I through it in a rubbermaid shed and there it sat for a year.  The next summer I begged a good friend of mine (and awesome fabricator) if I could build this thing in his single car Belmont Street Garage (if you know Belmont, you know that a single car garage is the size of a janitors closet.)  I stripped the frame to bare bones.  Cutting off every little mount, brace, tab, etc.  My goal was simplicity and raw, but fully functional and legal.  noid-IMG_3946-600x331

Chose to start with a flat brown frame. Front end is mostly stock, painted and shaved some Renthal Handlebars, 5/8″ turn signal marker lights, and added a Harley Sportster headlight and mirror. Tank is stock as well, used some aircraft stripper to remove the existing paint, clear coated it, added some non vac petcocks, and through the badges back on.  Engine is stock internals, painted black exterior, carbs are upsized Mikuni’s.  Has stock headers heat wrapped, with Shorty Mufflers.  Put in a Pamco Ignition, Hughes Handbuilt PMA kit, and wired everything in frame with a custom fuse box.


Rear end has a KZ 550 shaved down fender with slim tail light fab’ed underneath, has matching 5/8″ turn signal marker lights, shocks are aftermarket but don’t know brand. Fab’ed some old Harley folding pegs on back for passenger.  Battery box is made of sheet metal with custom mounts.  Made the seat pan and had wrapped with mushroom color Ostrich leather.  Tires are Bridgestone Battle Ax.  That’s about it, thought i’d share my build with the world.  Feel free to contact me for anyway questions and hope you enjoy the pics!  Special thanks to Jeremy Kreiger for the help and supplies, you’re the man buddy!