Frank Verboski – XS 650 Bobber


Frank – XS 650 we did for a customer. Has weld on hardtail, custom fitted Springer front end, sportster 19″ front wheel, sportster fuel tank, custom built skeleton hand licence plate holder, custom scratch built exhaust, bike is completely powdercoated (no paint at all) TCI box mounted inside tool box on side, custom rear fender strut, custom mounted tailight, etc.





  1. dex82 says:

    um, the green is a little, er, bright but hey…………….very nice lines. nice job on the rear fender and struts. taillight has a little of that zero choppers thing goin on. cool

  2. William A. says:

    Nicely done build…..I like your restraint of chrome parts.
    Mmmm…I’m not crazy about your color choice
    but if it makes you happy, enjoy it!!


  3. Boon says:

    Sits nice looks happy, nice pipes, what colour would you say those wheels are ?Ave in it colour pal!!

  4. Kirkenout says:

    Nicely done:) Love the tool box idea.The light sheen with the powder coating aint hard to look at.Great job!

  5. Barney says:

    Nice bike. I would like the green better if it was a darker metal flake. The front wheel looks like a 21″ though.

  6. Pickles says:

    I love that everything is powdercoated, but the green kills me. Nice lines and pipes!

  7. brendan_mp says:

    Man oh man, I wish I could afford to you have you build one for me. That’s almost exactly what I want in a bobber. Love the pipes, the bars, the seat. That insane green and the skinny front tire gotta go, but the rest is perfection. Keep up the great work.

  8. Fanoboss says:

    I usually don’t go for real bright neon greens, but in this case I will definitely make an exception. The Front Tire and Tool Box are muy perfecto !!!

  9. Fatbob says:

    At 1st glance I was all set not to like it. The more I looked, the better I liked it. Now, I like it all, even the green. But hey, it don’t matter what anyone else likes or dislikes, now, does it?

  10. Customers choice, not mine… I wanted the flat black and brushed look but hey, hes paying the bill so…

  11. Thanks everyone. The color choice was definately the customers choice. I wanted flat black and brushed aluminum look but what the customer wants the customer gets… Ill reply to everyones comments seperately above

  12. Im definately NOT into the chrome. As stated above the color choice was the customers choice but i have to say the green grows on you a little bit after awhile especially if you see it in person in the sun.

  13. The customer had them powdercoated and i believe it was a neon green..

  14. Thanks. The TCI and fuse box are located inside the tool box and the key switch was mounted in the front part of it so you stick the key in and go!

  15. your right, its a 21″. I think the metal flake would have looked good as well but ultimately everythings up to the customer in the end…

  16. Thanks!! I built the pipes from scratch and wanted to do something a little different than what i had seen. I think they came out good.

  17. Haha. The green does grow on you a little once you see it shining in the light but was definately NOT my choice of color. There are alot of little details that i didnt even mention. We did get cut short on the build as there was alot more i wanted to do including powdercoating the engine, etc. but the customer decided to save some money and finish it on his own.

  18. CruzBoos says:

    I really like her stance. Classic looks for this babe but flourescent green. To each their own. I guess the owner wants to be seen at night.

  19. Rapter says:

    I’ve seen this bike on Craigslist for awhile. I like the bike but I buy bikes cheap to build them, never buy built! Where are y’all located? The sales ad is outa burleson.

  20. El Gaucho says:

    Lots of nice little details to see on that bike once the green stops burning the retinas.

  21. specialknine says:

    I really like that front end. Can you tell me were i can get my hands on one

  22. Its a DNA springer. Youll have to measure to see what size you need. I think i used a -2″ on that bike. DNA has a method for measuring if you call them they can explain it.