The “Funk Smuggler”


Born In Japan / Chopped in America

Jay Hetfield – I picked up this bike from a local Craigslist ad. It was a frame (no title) and a box of parts…like 8 boxes, yea the engine was completely torn down. But for 100 bucks I didnt really care. Flash forward a few months and this is where I’m at. I’ve been slammed at my shop, the response to may parts and work has been amazing. Thanks to all who have supported me and JumpStreet!!!!

The “Funk Smuggler” will be a full blown take on a Frisco chopper, the engine is fully rebuilt. The bike will showcase all of my products as well as. HHB’s, pamco,  +4 Forks by Frank, Paint by ZombieShawn, lots of stainless, one offs and thanks to the Great State of Michigan….a title!

Ive got a ton more pics…wish I could do more!!!!


  1. H3llb3nt1 says:

    Cant wait till it warms up so I can ride up and see this bike. Great Job Livingdead

  2. CruzBoos says:

    She’s looking good so far, as you massage your willingness into her psyche.
    I’ll bet anything that she’ll shiver for you when you get her going.

  3. El Gaucho says:

    I don’t think I wanna know what kind of funk you’re smuggling, lol. Nice job so far, can’t wait to see the finished product.

  4. toplessticklefight says:

    It’s going to be great, and will make youfamous!

  5. Denni$ says:

    Lookin plenty Funk-y, all right!! Now,,,, how didja get that title??? HMMMMM????

  6. Catfish says:

    I second that. How did you get that title? Or, have you done that yet? Great looking build going on here!

  7. I like the paint on the tank, But there is some thing unique looking lowering the rake with the hardtail.The bars set it off, looking forward to the final build, I’d say shes long an lean just like I like my womans.

  8. PlugHead says:

    Looking forward to seeing this thing when it’s done. Diggin’ the bars.

  9. reynoldburton says:

    I like it !

  10. Jay Hetfield says:

    Thanks all!!! She’s getting really close now! Titles are super easy to obtain in Michigan. As long as the bike doesn’t come back stolen (and is 25 yrs or older) they issue a title on the spot. Took all of thirty minutes and $15s! This bike should be making its way to smoke out!

  11. anthony parker says:

    first off nice bike,where in michigan did you go,and what paper work did you have to have?!,

  12. Jason Hetfield says:

    Secretary of state and a verification of ownership form from the website that’s it…I’ve done this a handful of times thus far it’s been far from the nightmare you read about online lol

    And thanks!

  13. Vincestagechopper says:

    …Thank’s for the skeetlow handelbar ! Your xs rockkkksssss !