Hans From Holland:TOP TEN XS650s!!


Hans From Holland: TOP TEN XS650S List.

Hey Ho, LooXS like www.xs650chopper.com is starting to work as a magnet on all the beautiful XSses from over the world. Glad to see they come together at one site! That is what this place makes heaven for XS 650 fans, it’s nice to see bikes with heart and soul in so many variations built by creative minds with attention to details. Here you get inspiration and ideas for your neXSt project and meet other XS fans. Ok, I hear you, stop talking we would like to see outstanding XS 650 chops. So here they come, ten great XS 650s who absolutely deserves being seen here! Fasten your seatbelts, here they come!!!!

The green XS is Martin’s.
Tjebbe (with helmet on sissybar).

If you want more SICK xs650 choppers from Hans. Click Here.


  1. Jacob says:


  2. ab says:

    where are the longbikes

  3. Doug Tucker says:

    i have a top ten list to, top ten bike builders id like to have a beer with. hans you in the top 5 man. so if your ever in bethel vermont, look me up. beers are on me. oh ya how about some info on those zodiac frames, are they dutch made, or just old school? keeping in touch with the dutch, and keeping atleast one tire down.

  4. Jacob says:

    I really like the black bobber with the white seat and spoke rims. Any idea whose work that is?

  5. Hans from Holland says:

    I do, it’s a Doc’s Chops bike. Try google and you will find some bikes including this. Or send me a mail and I send you more piXS.

  6. Jonathon D says:

    whoa that last bike is awesome do you have anymore shots from different angles?

  7. Jonathon D says:

    Quite impressed with all the bikes with suspension, before seeing all of the ones on your site i was convinced that a hard tail was the only way to go, nice work!! maybe my next bike will follow suit and be a soft tail, great bikes!

  8. Hans from Holland says:

    Yes, got some more piXS of that last one. Great set up with the 19 inch rearwheel, dropseatframe and clip-ons. Send me a mail Jonathon
    at hansxs650@planet.nl and you get some more of this one. XSee you.

  9. Ted says:

    I’m obsessed with the brat style to. My bike still has suspension on it and I’m constantly tempted to hack it off and turn it into a hard tail. I think I just buy another bike to hard tail instead.

  10. Mike says:

    Nice picks, I see you like the stock rake. I modeled my Red Bobber off of that black bike with the white seat from Docs Chops. I love that open clean look. I did my best to achieve that, yet I didn’t go battery-less and I have all lighting and gauges.

  11. Jacob says:

    Hans, who did that rigid bike below the Chop Doc one? That’s the seventh bike down?

    Thansk again and great stuff!!

  12. Hans from Holland says:

    That XS is built by a guy called Scott Great. This bike had several paintjobs by the way, think this is the latest. First time I saw this bike was a year ago on the site of 650 Garage.

  13. Jacob says:

    Thank you Ted and Hans.

  14. Hans from Holland says:

    For all the dutchies here, the second bike from Tjebbe is for sale at this moment ! Take a look at Marktplaats, the dutch graiglist.

  15. dsynis says:

    The Bike with the white seat and white grips with the DOCSCHOPS logo is made by Greg Hageman. He lives and works in Iowa at a local Harley Davidson dealer. He is a award winning builder and has been featured in Magazines and a book about cafe racers. He is willing to do custom work on all your metric bikes. You can e-mail him at Docschops@yahoo.com

  16. Hugh says:

    The blue and black XS is my friend Chad Garn

    His family is Brew Bikes, in Creston NC.

    Check em’ out sometime.


  17. marvin says:

    hans i would love some pics and info on martin and tjebbes 650s. those are some of the best ive ever seen. imo.

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  19. Hans,
    Ik kwam tijdens mijn speurtocht op het internet een XS650 boardtracker tegen van Metal Head Fabrication. Ze hebben een orgineel frame omgebouwd. In de handel zijn wel van die weld on a frames voor bobbers, maar weet jij toevallig ook of er weld on frames zijn zoals die van die boardtracker?

    Alvast bedankt.

    Gr Alex

  20. Hans from Holland says:

    Je bedoeld de boardtracker van Nick Stringer. Over deze fiets heb ik pas nog een uitgebreid artikel gemaakt in de 653, het Ned. klubblad boordevol alles over de XS 650!
    Maar om op je vraag terug te komen; nee, voor boartrackers zijn niet specifieke frames/ of weld-on secties te koop. Maar vergis je ook niet in het frame van de tracker van Nick, enkel het balhoofd is hergebruikt. Let maar ns op alle gebogen/ ronde vormen aan het frame. Maar met een origineel frame met bijv. 3 inch strech in hardtail achterkant valt best een gave boartracker te bouwen!
    Lange, lage tank en korte voorvork icm grote 21 inch wielen en je komt al akelig dichtbij!!! SuXSes.

  21. Hans from Holland says:

    Alex, klikte net door en kwam op site van je band terecht. Scrolde ff door jullie playlist heen en geloof het of niet maar had net een halfuurtje de cd True Lies opstaan….toeval bestaat niet???? Eén van m’n favo gitaristen…vooral Blue on Black is mooi nummer!

  22. KWS is zeer goed, we spelen ook zijn Oh well versie , die is vet.

  23. Hans from Holland says:

    Klinkt goed, maarre….de Red Devils waren toch wel het allervetst.
    Wat kon die Lester Butler harmonica spelen…….

  24. Jorge says:

    I do agree with the gravel crew beauties they are top tens but, I dont agree with the green Xs, the Tjebbe (don’t like sissy bars) and the last one. and I think you have omitted “Soul delivery”, “Rat shop” both from G&L choppers and “El Vagabundo segundo” they are great examples of fine craftmanship.