Larry AKA blackwidow Update

How long did it take to build your bike?

I had the bike 6 months and and after the 3rd month I hardtailed it then it sat for a month and about two months to finish the rest so probably a good 3 months of working on it solid…

This is the first bike you’ve built right?

Yes this is the first bike I’ve built it’s only the second bike I’ve ever owned the other bike I owned like 6 months then I sold it to buy an xs.


What was one of the harder things that you had to figure out?

The harder things for me was the wiring because I know nothing about bikes and just figuring placement for everything like the brake and all that stuff.

How does it ride?

I like the way it rides it’s not that noticably stiff to me only on some real hard bumps but besides that it rides real good and I feel comfortable as to where the bars are set and the foward controls.

Are you going to build another xs?

If I can find another one LOL there kind of hard to find around here.


Do you have any other recommendations or feedback on the site?

No recommendations I like the site as is maybe a contact us on the website that way it is easy to get ahold of the site owner for help. (You can find contact info on the about page)

Larry Aka blackwidow