XS 650 German Bobber


Germany XS650 “NO NAME”

Udo Sacher from Germany sent in these pictures of his beautiful xs650 chopper named “NO NAME”. It is a xs650 with a Custom Triumph Frame, 45″ Flatty Springer and a Sporty custom Gas Tank . I asked Udo if he built the bike himself and how long it took. “Hi Ted, My Friend is a guy from Boston when i talk English with him he is smile . The Bike is a little work over a half year, and is a work from me alone and my son (7 years old).”

Xs 650 bobber

The engine is stock and is a complete rebuild. I asked Udo if he had problems getting it titled with it being a triumph frame with a xs650 motor? He said in Germany it can be a problem getting a custom built bike titled. He has it registered as a 1955 triumph with German registration and German TÜV. So you may notice that the Yamaha logo on the engine cover is covered up. Its because of the title issue and not because he’s trying to cover-up the Yamaha logo.dsc01880
The cool graphics work on the tank was done by Udo’s good Friend Michel at (Painted Steel). The bike has a Good mix of Parts. Stare at the pictures long enough and you’ll see all the cool detail. Udo has a shop in Germany that goes by the name of U.S.Custom Bikes. It’s a one-man show.
This sick XS650 will be in an up-and-coming issue of a German motorcycle magazine custombike. So,
xs650 chopper has the official exclusive on Udo Sacher’s XS650 chopp.. Enjoy…

Thanks Udo..


  1. Hans from Holland says:

    Really a great ride Udo !!!
    Great lines, good proportions, just perfect.
    Nice bars also. XSee ya, Hans.

  2. Steviemonster says:

    Awsome bike……sits well….those springers look great….top! x stevieboy

  3. Ad Hustler says:

    Sweet friggen bike!

  4. lots of cool details. i really like the headlight and 45 springer. i don’t think i have seen one mounted with an xs650 powerplant before.

  5. zig says:

    yep,like it 2.

  6. Jon M says:

    Top-notch… Top shelf…Not much else to say..

  7. snailstoves says:

    beautiful. one of the nicest chops I’ve ever seen and I’ve been trawling. the only hardtail that’s ever appealed. nice work. well done, smiffy

  8. agus says:

    be biker’s be live brow

  9. Jonathon D says:

    Just love this bike very nice work!!!!!

  10. C. Cochran says:

    Absolutely LOVE this bike. Great job. Have to ask where you got the bars. I’ve looked every where for some like that. PLZ help.

  11. grujica says:

    gooooooooooooooood job!

  12. Cj says:

    Nice! Just want to know how hard it was to put that 650 in a triumph frame. I totally dig the look and am wondering if I can pull a mod like this of….any comments from builders on how complicated this is?

  13. norm younger says:


  14. fanoboss says:

    This is a sweet xs650.

  15. william triffitt says:

    i wont it

  16. mike lytle says:

    nice bike!! love the pic of your son, daring someone to mess with dad’s bike

  17. mike lytle says:

    Udo, the more i look at this build, the more i like it. the attention to detail on all the mounts, the electrical box, the very clean way you did everything, it is one of the best on the site. thanks for sharing

  18. Rob Miller says:

    Great bike ,Hell uva job ! 🙂

  19. pitt says:

    klasse xs alter sag mal wo haste den die scharfen reifen mit flams her gruss pitt aus belgien

  20. El Gaucho says:

    yes, yes, yes. Not a thing I would change on it at all. Very nice!

  21. Udo S says:

    Hi Pitt
    the Tires from IRC “Wild Flare”

  22. bobberspain says:

    it´s fantastic…..

  23. Vatten says:

    sah das Bike am Glemseck! In Natura noch geiler als auf den Fotos! Respekt, Geilster XS Umbau den ich bis jetzt gesehen habe!!!Gruß von der Nordsee!