‘Whisky’ the Japanese version of my favorite spirit, and the name given to this 1979 XS650S. Living in the Texas hill country, it’s a daily normality to find yourself cruising the winding two lane back roads, surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery this state has to offer.


It was time for my lil lady to get a handful of throttle, and a drag on her boot. In comes a trip to Dallas and two basketcase XS650’s.



A 1979 S, a 1981 S, both stored outside for who knows how long.



From the beginning this bike was intended for my girlfriend. Therefore she played a big role in the design, color, stance, and overall look.



I was in charge of making it happen. By no means am I an expert on motorcycle builds. I’ve rebuilt a ‘78 Triumph T140V a couple times, that’s it.


My first time around an XS.


After figuring out the general idea for the look we were after…… disassemble, cut, grind, weld, paint, powdercoat, wire, leather work, 3D print, wrench, wrench, wrench and so on.



All the usual stuff for a frame off remodel I assume.


The only outsourcing was for the Rootbeer Metallic powdercoat.



I undertook everything else. She turned out better than my initial vision, and my girl couldn’t be happier.



Between smiles, waves, thumbs up, and questions, I actually get to ride this beauty.


What a fun fast ride.


I’m proud of my first XS, and am definitely glad I went the direction I did.


Submitted by Shane Hughes