So…. I tend to have a little trouble getting motivated  at which point I’ll turn to this page for inspiration. The basement is still a bit cold this time of year and checking out the new stuff helps to get me moving.


I’ve made my remarks, taken my shots, done the armchair jockey thing so it’s only fair to put my stuff on the line. Top pic w/ the sporty tank was finished last spring but underwent a few mods for this season. Mostly a 2.2 from a 3.3 tank, 5 inch fender from a 6, and a new seat. That seat has a lot of bend to it, keeps me from falling off the back.  The tank and fender changed were for better proportions.

The wassel stretch  softtail is for my wife who was on me to build her a custom after i had finished the rigid. Its not exactly bratstyle but along those lines and was primarily inspired by the “French Bratstyle “ as seen on these pages. I loved that bike. I loved paying $100. for this one even more. ( seized engine but with a title) it took a some  w-d to get it moving.

Anyway, I’m going to take the time to do some kind of Photo shoot when both are done  with more details as frankly a little background goes a long way. Until then, the best way to get moving is one step at a time.

I think I’ll have my coffee in the basement.