-5 2014

Robbie Miller – To start off the bike was given a fully customized frame to lower it to just 3 inches off the ground and a 5in extension in the rear. Then powdercoated GT Sport Silver. As for the motor; she got the full rebuild to factory specs. Meticulously cleaned and polished to give it the look it deserves. The on to the accents. A one of a kind sissybar with color to match the frame. Other custom parts in clude an electrical can, handle bars, and seat. The stock tank was left because who does that on a custom chop? It looks great. All controls were upgraded to 1 inch Sporty controls.

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As for the paint it was given a very rare Elkhardt Corvette Green only used on the 73 Corvette. Its a beautiful bike that runs like a dream and gets the respect it deserves when cruising the streets. All work was done by WTF Custom Fabrications from Apache Junction, Arizona.

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