vodoo vintage frame xs650This is the “completion” of what was supposed to be a six month project that ended up taking two and a half years. The real genesis and center piece of this bike is the custom frame from Voodoo Vintage in Austin texas.


It was built to accommodate Harley steering bearings which allows the use of MCD skinny triple trees. the motor has been bumped up to 700cc’s and rephased.


It has a shell #1 cam and the heads were completely reworked and ported. the front wheel, sissy, headlight mount and various other mounts for controls and what not were built by me.


The tank is from a chapparal mini bike that I also redid the tunnel on.


Paint was done by Brittney aka @bombshell_deluxe on Instagram. The bike is currently in the break in stage which is going slowly due to winter weather but I hope to have it fully broken in and tearing up the roads by spring.


I hesitate to really say this bike is “done”, I already have a few small changes and finishing touches I would like to make but I am pretty happy with the bike as it sits.


Submitted by Chris Hayes


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