1983 Yamaha XS650/ Drop Seat

lowered The Seat Rails. Man..

Here’s my 1983 Yamaha XS650 build. So far I’ve lowered the seat rails and relocated the upper and lower shock mounts so I didn’t have to buy shorter shocks and I also made a set of z-bars out of some ape hangers I had. I think it’s turning out pretty slick. Fabbed rear fender mounts and radiused the stocks and rear fender to match the tire. I need to make a battery box ext.

lowering the seat rails makes for a better riding position. It also makes for a nice profile..

What y’all think?


  1. musicman5000 says:

    Such a sweet machine. Truly a classic. I had a 1981 Special II. My Dad had a 1971 model when I was a kid.

  2. admin says:

    Word……. come back i will post more stuff every week!!

  3. Jason says:

    awesome…the lowered seat has the whole bratstyle look. Nice work. How did you do it? cut bend and re-weld?

  4. dodjie10 says:

    hi, can anybody help me with my 1985 XJ700 (air-cooled and shaft driven) frame? I’m still deciding which kind should I convert it into (rigid or soft)? please help

  5. felipe says:

    Nice job on bending the rails, I am in the process of doing that to my 1980 650 and I will post pics. Nice bike man.

  6. B says:

    hey. looks awesome. same question: how did you bend the seat rails?

  7. jason says:

    All of ya’ll making me work up the courage to start cutting

  8. Buddy says:

    In the last full pic of the bike is that a harley sportser tank mounted up? Is the bobber tank that alot of people use? I totally dig the lowered seat

  9. Jake says:

    It looks like it has been a while since anyone posted here but I am very curiouse how this bike is turning out. Lets see some updates if possible.

  10. cj says:

    I was looking at that last pic and was wondering how you bent that secthion of the frame it looks like the stock welds any info thanks

  11. pk says:

    nice!! i’m planning on buying a buddy’s xs400 and on doing this type of style frame/seat to it.. would love to see pictures of how you did it.